How often have you entered an online poker tournament to find yourself suddenly out of contention? The reason why this happens can be boiled down to one thing: ignorance of the playing rules. 

Here are the most important rules that every online poker player should know, whether they’re new to the game or have been around the virtual table for years. It’s up to you to study them, remember them, and apply them to your play so you can start winning some online poker tournaments—and win some serious money.

Entry Fees

Of course, there is an entrance fee for all online poker tournaments. When you register to play a tournament, the amount you pay will be deducted from your account as soon as you enter. There is no cash on site, so ensure you have the funds before entering any tournaments. If you don’t have enough funds in your account, it will automatically decline your registration. 

Late Registration

Late registration is not as popular a strategy as it once was. With the availability of live events, players can use these tournaments to improve their skills while they compete against others with similar levels. The competition is generally easier than an online poker tournament with amateurs and pros. Furthermore, to register for late registration, you have to be able to beat your opponents or know someone who can beat them on your behalf.

Absent Players

This rule applies when there are more players than the table can hold and one or more players need to be removed for whatever reason. At this time, the player in the worst position gets bumped. The worst position is determined by the following: total points, high card, the lowest rank, or closest to a predetermined rank. If two or more players tie in position, they will determine their order by drawing cards with the higher card ranked higher than the lower card.

Timebank and Disconnection Timer

The timebank is your lifeline when you are a part of an online poker tournament. The timer counts down throughout the tournament and ensures that players who disconnect from a game before it finishes will not be able to win. This prevents players from intentionally leaving a game and rejoining later to create doubt about who has the best hand. It also eliminates any advantage gained by knowing when someone else will get disconnected or leave the game on their own accord.

Synchronized Breaks 

A synchronized break occurs when two players are the last two to remain at a table in an online poker tournament. The players then take turns breaking. This can be done by having one player break while the other watches or by having each player break alternately until all the chips are in the pot and they’re down to their final card.

 A synchronized break is a great way to speed up tournaments that might otherwise go on for hours, and it’s especially useful if you’re running a satellite event that awards seats into another event or tournament for those who come out on top.

In Summary

Online poker tournaments are a game where you compete against other players who have paid to play. They usually start with a set number of players, and the game ends when only one player is left standing. There are many different types, but here are the top five most important rules for every player to know before joining their first tournament.

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