Many countries have different laws that regulate sports betting. While these rules are very strict and restrictive in some countries, they are a bit lax in other countries.

Some countries make it easy for people to run organizations that gather predictions on games and pay out rewards and bonuses based on the accuracy of these predictions. These companies are called Online Cricket Betting ID companies and they operate both online and in brick and mortar sites. 

Prior to the Covid 19 pandemic, during sports season, you could always see sports enthusiasts gathered in one spot to place bets on their favourite teams. These sights were commonplace and acceptable in days gone by. But in these days of social distancing, online betting has become the new normal. 

In a country like Sweden, the gambling industry has strict laws that must be adhered to by any company seeking to operate sports betting. In January 2019, the government enacted a Swedish Gambling Act that led to massive changes in the way online betting took place. 

One of such massive change is that every gaming company that wants to have any business dealings with Swedish players must be duly registered with the government. This also entails that they must have a Swedish gaming license. 

This then makes the issue of ‘betting utan licens’ (this means betting without a license) a problem for Swedish players.

Thankfully, however, it is not illegal to play with companies that do not have Swedish license. Similarly, gaming companies can also transact with Swedish players without having a Swedish license. 

Having established this, this article would go ahead to explain how betting without license can be conducted. 

How Gaming Companies Without A Swedish License Operate 

One of the major things that were affected by government regulation of the gaming industry is bonuses and winnings. This is due to the fact that they pay tax on winnings and can only pay out welcome bonus. This also means that a player cannot collect welcome bonus from two gaming sites that share one license. 

Companies that do not have Swedish license can give out different incentives and bonuses to Swedish players because they do not have any obligation to the government. Additionally, with licensed companies, you require bank ID but that is not the case with unlicensed companies. 

These are just a few of the modalities of operation in companies without a Swedish license. Note that betting with a company without a license from the government of Sweden is completely safe for Swedes. But there are a few things to bear in mind before you register and begin to play with these companies and they include the following:-

They Do Not Use Swedish Currency

Gaming companies that do not have a Swedish license do not operate with Swedish currency. They use dollars, Euros or some other foreign currencies. So before you go ahead and register with these sites, you have to find out the currency they use. This would determine whether you will be able to proceed with the company. 


Registration Requirements And Payment Methods 

To register with these sites, you need to create a gaming account with your name and contact details. Then you go ahead and choose your preferred method of payment; this is also the means through which you put money into your gaming account. Licensed companies require a Bank ID but unlicensed companies do not. 

You can decide to use your bank card or credit and debit cards such as Maestro, VISA or MasterCard. You can also choose online wallets such as Neteller or Skrill or payment by invoice or PaySafeCard. 

There are actually many ways you can choose to set up your payment but the important thing is that it must be a secure platform. 

After registration, you set up your payment options (this would include how you would fund your gaming account and also receive your rewards, bonuses et al). Once that is done and approved, you are free to start placing your bets immediately.

Language of Communication

Most gaming sites that operate without a Swedish license would most likely communicate in English. This means that everything about the site would be in English. So this might be a deal breaker if you have problems communicating in English.

However, there are gaming sites that offer customer support services in Swedish. These sites make it easy for non-English speaking players to have a smooth gaming experience on their platform. 

Safety Concerns 

One may be tempted to believe that gaming companies without a Swedish license are not regulated. But that is not the case; there are other gaming authorities that regulate their activities. 

These authorities are mainly from the Unite Kingdom, Malta or Curacao. The licenses obtained from these authorities are safe and secure. ( Additionally, they obligate the gaming companies to ensure that their players are well protected. For more information on safety concerns, check out this link

The ‘betting without license’ in question here is about Swedes who wish to play on betting sites that do not have a license from the government of Sweden. On that note, players from Sweden should bear in mind that the laws of the country would not protect them if they play with companies without their license. 

Benefits Of Betting With A Company Without A Swedish License

Swedes who want to play on gaming sites without a Swedish license stand the chance of gaining the following benefits:- 

No Restriction On Bonuses And Rewards

Since gaming companies without this license are not bound by government restriction, they can offer more bonuses. They also have the liberty to give their players different offers and promotions. This makes for a juicier package and more rewarding gaming experience than with the licensed company. 

Less Requirements For Registration

These companies do not require too many documents or information before one can register on their site. You only need to fill in your name and contact details and then choose a payment method. 

This is unlike those companies that are licensed by the government of Sweden who would require a bank ID and some other proof that you are qualified to be on their site. 


In this article, we have given you an overview on the issue of betting without a license. We hope that the information we have shared would go a long way in helping you make an informed decision.

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