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Parents have been beating their head against a brick wall requesting kids to give up on online gaming.  Most parents regret the decision of handing over a mobile phone to kids. Well, time is up for crying and cribbing about what could have been done differently.

Disadvantages of online games are many, yet kids find it difficult to separate themselves from video games. Overexposure to PC, PlayStation, and mobile game is not only unhealthy but proving to be fatal in many cases.

Are Parental Control App for App Block the way forward? Can we secure kids from dangerous online intruders?

How can parents control screen time?

Screen time controlling is definitely an essential ordeal for parents, but providing limited screen time doesn’t reduce their game time. Kids are smart enough to prioritize games over anything else. (Citygoldmedia) Games like PUBG, Minecraft, Candy Crush, Super Mario, etc. have been kids best and only pass the time.

Parents are looking for ways to reduce screen time and at the same time control gaming addiction. Games are not only responsible for addiction and the resulting health issues; games are a gateway to unprecedented cybercrimes.

Earlier, parents could ignore news pieces on cybercrime and attacks, but now with the popular internet connection and easily accessible devices, chances of cybercrime have sky-rocketed insanely.

Yes, children are not safe in the cyber world. Each click and every button can pose a new risk for your kid’s life. And, online gaming is just one step closer to getting your child into a difficult situation.

Threats associated with Online Gaming

The risks of online gaming are many. However, we want parents to focus on critical issues and leave the trivial matters for another time.

Listed here are some risks that every parent should be aware:

  1. Private data at risk

Online gaming sites directly don’t compel users to provide personal information; the risk of losing personal data shapes up because of online strangers.

Strangers often impose as lovely and kind human being on multi-player gaming sites, and gradually these strangers extract all the possible information from innocent kids. This “art” of social engineering has been perfected by these online criminals. Many adults have become victims and with children, it can become very dangerous talking with these strangers.

At times kids end up providing their credentials, credit card information, location, personal images, etc. Initially it doesn’t sound risky, but eventually, kids start receiving ransom calls and blackmailing threats from strangers.

  1. Cyberbullying

Kids get attached to online strangers effortlessly. Strangers show hope and love to kids without any public knowledge. How? These activities have their roots from online gaming sites; it all starts here and ends in exchanging numbers and social media details.

Children have been victimized by online bullies, who harass and abuse kids through online chat rooms. Slowly they compel kids to do specific tasks or share their personal information to stop getting bullied.

  1. Webcam misuse

Webcam hacking is a prevalent form of cyber-attack. It is a globally known issue but often ignored by parents.

You kids laptop and phone can be hacked by unethical hackers to access live videos via the webcam. Attackers activate the webcam without your knowledge and get a live feed of whatever the kids are currently performing.

Most parents do not keep a check on kids’ device; considering malware check is the most critical activity.

  1. Malware risk

Clicking on suspicious links or downloading unsuitable apps puts kids in the risk of downloading malware content in their device. Online predators find ways to extract PC’s information and any other possible data that can benefit them.

Many time kids download gaming apps without reading the reviews, checking the content, and no anti-malware in their phone. Small mistakes like these can lead to severe punishments in the future.

  1. Attractive offers

Most online games work on the Freemium model concept. Once you start engaging in an addictive game or any games that pay real money, you will like to continue the game without losing lives or the game. What is the easiest way to move ahead? Buy lives or coins!

Kids easily fall for the in-app purchases and end up using credit card details of parents on such unnecessary offers.

  1. Life-threatening games

We all have heard, read and dreaded the Blue whale Challenge.  These games are developed not to play with kids but with the psychological frame of their innocent mind. Kids are only driven by their hormones when they come across such insane games and end up performing weird self-hurting activities.

Parents across the globe had lost their sleep. These life-threatening games pushed kids into carrying out activities like cutting their wrist, harming the body, making tattoos on body parts and at the end, you may have to take your life! Shocking, isn’t it?

Why do we need a Bit Guardian Parental Control App?

Parental control apps have been an enormous encouragement for many sleepless parents. Parents have suffered and lost their kids mentally and physically. Losing your kids at such early years can be heartbreaking but taking precautions right from their childhood is the most practical thing to do.

Install the Bit Guardian Parental Control apps and get rid of all inappropriate gaming apps, set a timer on your kids’ gaming time and most importantly do not allow your kid to download apps without your permission. Smart, right?

Get the remote control of your kids’ life in your hand by installing the Bit Guardian Parental control app. So, roll up your sleeves and get to work!

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