Bingo is definitely the most historically under sung gambling game in the world, especially considering the fact it was never really allowed to properly break into the casino sphere with . For one reason or another bingo has always been stereotyped as not a proper gambling game by casinos, however this certainly hasn’t affected its popularity – far from it in fact! ( Indeed, bingo has had to court a slightly different audience to most casino games like Fluffy Favourites, something that has ended up working in its favour. In actuality, the bingo playing demographic can be argued to be a lot wider than that of casino gambling, especially during the 20th century. These days the emergence of things like online bingo and online casinos have complicated things somewhat, however there is still no denying the immense popularity of bingo! Something that is often asked is whether there is a bingo strategy spreadsheet, and we’re going to answer it below… 

Does a bingo strategy spreadsheet exist? 

The first thing to answer when it comes to the bingo strategy spreadsheet is whether or not it even exists, and the answer might actually surprise some people depending on what they have been led to believe. Because here’s the headline news: a bingo strategy spreadsheet actually doesn’t exist at all. 

But if you were convinced of the existence of a bingo strategy spreadsheet never fear, because one of the reasons for your confusion may be the fact that bingo card spreadsheets are quite common. These things are used by loads of people in order to create their own bingo games from home – good stuff! 

Key tips for bingo strategy 

A bingo strategy spreadsheet may not actually exist, however this doesn’t mean that there aren’t various pieces of bingo strategy available for bingo players who are looking to increase their chances of winning. Bingo is a simpler game than most other gambling games, but there are key things to remember if you want to win: 

  •         Consider the time you are playing at: Something that a lot of people forget about bingo is the fact that the time you are playing it at can dramatically affect your chances of winning. For example, if you play bingo at busy times the chances of you winning are lower, however the jackpots will be larger.
  •         Stay alert and focussed: Can you imagine how annoying it would be to find out you could have won a bingo game but failed because you missed one of the numbers that were called? It is crucial to stay alert and focussed, or else this could happen to you.
  •         Purchase several scorecards: One simple tip for bingo strategy is that the more scorecards you have, the bigger your chances of winning. It is just important to ensure you are able to keep track of all your scorecards.

Other gambling games with strategy spreadsheets 

Bingo doesn’t have any strategy spreadsheets, but there are other gambling games that do. For example: 

  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Poker

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