It is quite understandable that you will have your eyebrows raised and frown when you are told that you can use cannabis as medicine. You will tend to think that right from your childhood days you were taught the wrong thing about it that deprived you of availing the numerous benefits of CBD. Well, it is never late to start but for that, you will need to know about the dosage, how to take it and the delivery et al to take it as a medicine and not for getting high.

The first thing that you should do to be extra sure and safer while using it is to consult with a qualified doctor. Especially if you know that you suffer from specific medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and other heart-related diseases, it is suggested that you work with a qualified health care practitioner who is experienced in cannabidiol or medicinal cannabis.

This will ensure that you get the right instructions and take the right dosage and delivery methods. At this juncture, you must know that every dosage and delivery is tailored as per the patient’s requirements. A qualified health care practitioner will properly and accurately finetune your dosage and at the same time will educate you to make you aware of the pros and cons. You will be highly informed to know when it is time to meet a doctor should you find any unwanted and unexpected symptoms once you start using it as a medicine on a regular basis.

Know The Dosage And Delivery To Take CBD As A Medicine

Different dosage for a different purpose

The dosage and delivery of CBD will vary according to the type of disease you want to treat, its severity as well as your body needs and limitations.

  • For example, if you want to deal with stress and anxiety, the doctor or health care practitioner may suggest a ratio of 20:1 for the CBD products.
  • On the other hand, a higher ratio can be recommended and administered for you in case you suffer from any other disease.
  • You may also be suggested to take drops or capsules edibles.

It is proved through different clinical and scientific tests that high CBD cannabinoids are very effective in reducing several conditions such as:

  • Chronic anxiety
  • Temporary stress
  • Protecting your body from different physiological effects other than these as well.

It is found that the variety of cannabinoids that contains the high amount of linalool and terpene are most effective in relieving anxiety when it is shared with lavender. You will get the best effect if you consider the AC/DC strain of cannabinoidsin particular.

Start with a low dose

You will find that the containers in which these cannabinoids and other CBD products come will contain a label that will have several instructions and dosage advice printed on it. You may also get enough information about the dosage and usage of CBD in different related websites such as and others.

  • However, it is always best and most prudent to start with a small dose and increase it gradually following the instructions of your doctor.
  • Also remember to take a microdose to test sensitivity before you go to the next level and until the symptoms, if any, subsides.

Ideally, you will be suggested to take a micro to a standard dose of CBD usually to treat simple and mild ailments such as stress and anxiety. But still, if you experience any issue and want fast and immediate relief from the symptoms such as a panic-stricken state or an anxiety attack, you can try out vaporizing or smoking. This will work well to mitigate the symptoms.

Different varieties delivered

Typically, the effect of this medication will last for anywhere between one to three hours. It largely depends on the type and variety of CBD product that you use, however.

  • If you are advised to use the most ingested CBD products or even CBD oil, it will take about thirty minutes to an hour before it shows its effect. Once it starts working, you can rest assured that effect will last for at least six to eight hours.
  • If you have to use vaporizers, there will be a cartridge provided to you that will be filled with a CO2 concentrate that is highly effective. The concentration of CO2, as well as the ratios of CBD to THC, can be varied.
  • You may also use herbal vaporizers in which there will be an entire plant instead of a concentrate. These are also as effective and useful as its other counterpart.
  • Apart from the above, there are sublingual sprays or tinctures available that you can use as well. These are consumed as liquid drops and is supposed to act most quickly and the effect is expected to last much longer than the other inhaled products.

Just like the effects of using CBD cannabinoids, the effectiveness of each product is also scientifically tested and proved. To conduct such tests, the help of the Cannabis Health Index or CHI is required. This is an effective measuring rod and a tool to balance the scores. This index is ideally evidence-based scoring system for cannabis in general and not just to measure the CBD oil effects only. This is a tool that ensures accurate measurements and precise results of the different tests conducted by the scientists.

The effectiveness of CBD cannabinoids on several different health issues is typically based on the research data that is currently available. You can visit different websites to get these facts and figures regarding the effectiveness of CBD products and cannabinoids but it is best to visit and refer to cannabishealthindex.comfor the most updated information.

Considering all rubrics and all the different studies and researches, cannabis is rated highly in the list due to its high range of efficacy in treating several diseases and ailments in humans. However, a tenure that you enjoy the best results and effects, you must use it as instructed and follow the guidance to use CBD as provided by your health care practitioner.

Author Bio: Anthony Karen is a health expert who has been running many health seminars and public discussions. She also manages her blog and reviews the health-related details provided by authentic sources.

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