The NFL is one of the most thrilling sports in the world. Not only because it’s a contact sport that makes spectators experience an adrenaline rush, but there are also many changes happening within a single season, making the event more interesting to watch. 

Moreover, despite this sport being predictable, there are still no guarantees. That’s why getting to know the changes happening in the league and the tournament itself is vital to improving your predictions about your favorite team. 

So, we should discuss the changes that are inevitable in the NFL. That’s why we compiled a list of the latest updates as of writing about the 2023-24 NFL season. 

Current NFL Team Standing

As the regular season progresses, the standing of each team in their respective division changes each week depending on how their matches turned out. Knowing the Current NFL Standings will help you know if your favorite team is doing a good job maintaining or improving their standing in the league. 

You can check for the standing of your favorite team every week to know if they have a chance to reach the Super Bowl next year. That said, you can check the updated standings of each team in their respective division below. 

American Football Conference

AFC East

  1. Jets
  2. Dolphins
  3. Patriots
  4. Bills

AFC West

  1. Raiders
  2. Chiefs
  3. Chargers
  4. Broncos

AFC North

  1. Browns
  2. Ravens
  3. Steelers
  4. Bengals

AFC South

  1. Jaguars
  2. Titans
  3. Texans
  4. Colts


National Football Conference

NFC East

  1. Cowboys
  2. Commanders
  3. Eagles
  4. Giants

NFC West

  1. Rams
  2. 49ers
  3. Cardinals
  4. Seahawks

NFC North

  1. Packers
  2. Lions
  3. Vikings
  4. Bears

NFC South

  1. Falcons
  2. Buccaneers
  3. Saints
  4. Panthers

Updated Odds Of The 2023-24 NFL

Another thing that is constantly changing in the NFL playoffs is the odds. That’s why it is also constantly being updated. Fans, especially bettors, must be aware of these changes as they could impact their betting outcomes. 

That’s why we have also listed below the updated odds of the 2023-24 NFL season so that you can check whether your favorite team is making progress in improving their chances of winning the Super Bowl LVIII. 

2023-24 NFL Odds

  • San Francisco 49ers: +650
  • Philadelphia Eagles: +700
  • Kansas City Chiefs: +700
  • Dallas Cowboys: +900
  • Buffalo Bills: +1100
  • Cincinnati Bengals: +1400
  • Miami Dolphins: +1500
  • Detroit Lions: +1700
  • Cleveland Browns: +1800
  • Baltimore Ravens: +2000
  • Los Angeles Chargers: +2000
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: +2500
  • New Orleans Saints: +3000
  • Green Bay Packers: +5000
  • Atlanta Falcons: +5000
  • New York Jets: +6000
  • Seattle Seahawks: +6000
  • Denver Broncos: +6500
  • Minnesota Vikings: +6500
  • New England Patriots: +7000
  • New York Giants: +7000
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: +7500
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +7500
  • Los Angeles Rams: +8000
  • Washington Commanders: +8000
  • Tennessee Titans: +10000
  • Chicago Bears: +10000
  • Las Vegas Raiders: +10000
  • Carolina Panthers: +10000
  • Indianapolis Colts: +15000
  • Houston Texans: +30000
  • Arizona Cardinals: +40000

These are the latest odds of the 2023-24 NFL season as of September 12, 2023. 

Rules Changes This Season

Out of all the updates you must know about the 2023-24 NFL season, the rule changes are permanent. Before the regular season started, there were talks between the NFL Competition Committee, the players, managers, coaches, and owners regarding the game’s rules. 

All the parties involved conducted weeks of discussion and video study before they decided to change the rules. After the rules changed, the league reviewed these changes alongside the players, coaches, and officials during the training camp, off-season meetings, and the NFL officiating clinic. 

The review aimed to help the affected parties adapt to these changes smoothly so they won’t affect their performances and strategies. 

These changes to the NFL rules and the points of clarification that the committee and other involved parties decided are done to improve the league to provide better value to the event. It also aims to protect NFL players from dangers while ensuring the game will still be fair, exciting, and competitive. 

The rule changes that were implemented this season are the following:

  • Instant replay reversal
  • Failed fourth-down conversions

Meanwhile, the points of clarification that were agreed upon are:

  • Use of helmet
  • Tripping


Football is a contact sport, and having an injury is one of the game’s risks. Even though we are just a couple of weeks entering the 2023-24 NFL regular seasons, multiple players already suffered from injuries, including one of the league’s star players, Aaron Rodgers. 

Aaron Rodgers was assisted off the field during their match against the Bills due to an ankle injury during the week one tournament of this season. The ankle injury that Rodgers suffers isn’t just a simple tear but a torn Achilles Tendon that could end his participation this season. 

Another injury on week one happened to Baltimore Ravens’ running back J.K Dobbins. He also acquired a torn Achilles during his team’s face-off match with the Houston Texans. Dobbins has been playing as a running back for four years and is the one who scored their game’s first touchdown. 

That said, he is Ravens’ jewel, and the possibility of losing him the entire season could cripple his team and possibly lower their chance of winning. 

Achilles tendon injury is a common injury that football players suffer. Aside from being common, it can also put the player’s career on hold as it needs to be fully healed before they can play again. 

The healing process of Achilles injury includes treatment, rehabilitation, and even surgery. The recovery period for this injury is one year or more, depending on the severity of the injury and the treatment. 


Don’t be complacent and just rely on the one data if you’re following the 2023-24 NFL season. Remember that changes are inevitable in any sporting event, including the NFL. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you check the updates about this NFL season after the weekly matches.

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