We are living in the digital age, and everything around us has gone through a detailed process of digitization, and dating is no exception. You must have heard of stories of your parents dating during times when people used to prefer writing love letters instead of sending emojis to each other. Now when you are dating, do you and your partner also write love letters?

No! Similarly, there are so many changes that you are going to find out when you compare the results of online dating vs traditional dating. Further, in this article, we will discuss and analyze the same in detail. Also check this list of the best adult dating sites. Adult dating sites give you an ability to meet people from different social circles and locations. You become more confident about your personality, and it is an excellent way to know yourself better too. On the other hand, such an advantage can turn to a disadvantage if you start looking for a change every alternative day.

Online dating vs traditional dating

In the following section, you will find out the pros and cons of online dating 2018 along with that of traditional dating too. Before we start with the list, you must know and accept that some kind of flaw follows every technology, and dating apps are no exception. So, the next time you decide to subscribe to some dating platform, you must be well aware of the pros and cons. Pros and cons of online dating 2018 and 2019:

1. Crowded

Quite a few million people, especially in the United States of America, have tried online dating and loved it too. However, it can become a little monotonous and exhaust at times. After all, it is nothing but a digital marketplace. Moreover, it will get crowded with more people over time, along with increasing popularity. It is also one reason that makes online dating apps lose charm after a few days when similar competing apps are launched in the market.

2. Authenticity

It is indeed true that 1/5 of all online dating stories on any platform is a success story. As a result, dating apps are becoming more popular nowadays. However, there is every possibility that a person may not be authentic enough. He or she is maybe lying about their age, marital status, weight, income, height, and so on. It is not easy to check the authenticity of a person over a virtual platform. The same reason makes singles frustrated after a few unsuccessful dates at times.

3. Variety

It is good that you can meet people from different social circles and locations. You become more confident about your personality, and it is an excellent way to know yourself better too. On the other hand, such an advantage can turn to a disadvantage if you start looking for a change every alternative day.

Meeting different people may leave you finding newer options after just a few days. As a result, it becomes difficult for anyone to take you seriously. Also, it is not the right way to deal with dating apps. As you know, technology is useful only until you do not misuse it.

4. Flexibility of time

You can interact with people at any hour of the day whenever the person on the opposite side is available. However, the disadvantage here is that it may feel like responsibility and become annoying to find a date that way.

5. Compatibility

Compatibility is a common factor when you are analyzing online dating vs offline dating. In the case of dating apps, most of them have features that will notify you of auto search results. It means that you will receive a text message or an email when the app finds a suitable match for you.

On the flip side of this, most of the people become restrictive when they place their choice and criteria. They only make choices based on looks, location, and so on. Therefore, you will miss the chance of meeting compatible matches due to the restrictions.

Here are the pros and cons of offline dating:

In the next section about online dating vs offline dating, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of offline or traditional dating. Some of us are still old school when it comes to dating and would be more interested to know about offline dating over the apps.

1. Basic contacts

Most of the relationships under this category develop from being friends or because you both have mutual friends. However, most of the time, we are not sure about a person’s relationship status or choices when we make friends with them. It may turn out to be not-s0-potential after you though it could be.

2. More time

When you want to compare the results of online dating vs offline dating, you will be delighted to learn that you get to know a person better and sooner when you go the traditional way. However, you do not meet a lot of people as it happens online. It is just your social circle, and so opportunities are pretty less.

3. Pre-dating

Now, pre-dating only occurs when you are not interacting with potential partners on online platforms. It is the most exciting time when you both are getting to know each other. On the contrary, most of the single people are so shy that they fail to and approach for the first date.

4. Limitation

You can always fall in love with someone in your social circle. However, that means you are limiting yourself to stay within a specific geographic location.

Online dating vs traditional dating over the years

The history of dating is an integral part of the results of online dating vs offline dating, and that is what you are going to read about in this section. There are people, especially your parents and grandparents, who keep comparing the style of dating now and then. They will always tell you that the idea of dating someone was better during their times.

However, for GenY, dating apps have made life much better and more comfortable. The best part is that we say there are several similarities between online dating and real-life dating too.

If you take a look at dating during the past century only, there are several eras we can divide it into. Moreover, each period of dating had its pros and cons. Right from the starting of the 20th century to date, so much has changed along with the evolution of culture and the modernization of people.

The time when dating began

It was just the beginning of the 20th century when dating began. Before that, before the 1900s, it was just courtship that was quite unemotional and extremely private matters. During those times, women met potential men in the presence of their parents. They would then list down to the best match and proceed towards marriage. Moreover, marriage was mainly based on factors such as social and financial standings of the groom.

Whenever a boy and girls were mutually interested in each other, they used to meet only at their homes or social gatherings. There was nothing such as dates or hanging out together. However, things took a sharp turn during the beginning of the 20th century. It was then that young couples started going out together and seeing each other outside without people around. Although the ultimate goal remained marriage, people at least became more independent and open-minded.

Calling upon started

Now, that is quite an old term, and most of you are unaware of it now that we are in the 21st century. During the beginning of the 20th century, when people, especially men, could summon the courage of expressing their thoughts about someone they like, there was a strict protocol to follow.

It was the protocol of calling upon that a gentleman would usually do. It means that the man will visit the girl’s family hoping to be welcomed back. Once the familiarity took place, he would ask the permission of the parents to take the girl out only for specific hours fixed by them.

Now, we move on to the 1920s, and there is again a drastic change in the ways of dating. People have now become more open about their liking and fondness towards each other. There is no concept of calling upon anymore. During it, the entire idea of American courtship had found a new dimension.

It was now that couples started openly seeing each other on dates, and the man was the one who would pay after each meeting. Moreover, the relationship between the woman and a man, along with their position in society, starting changing dynamics. It was because earlier, women were the ones who decided on the terms of dating, and now it was the man who always paid for a date.

Dating vs courtship

Just like the concept of online dating vs offline dating, there are also fundamental differences between dating and courting. Out of all other variations, the most significant is that of freedom. On the one hand, courtship was more rigid with specific rules, rituals, and traditions.

According to author Jodi O’Brien, different places such as schools, workplaces, colleges, and so on were influencing young boys and girls a lot. These institutions were where they could find potential partners. The changes in the society and minds of people thus brought a new conclusion.

People now dated for fun rather than serious relationships such as marriages. However, it depended on the couple whether they found each other compatible enough to take the link one step further towards marriage. The tradition of courtship, therefore, started taking a backseat, and what came across is the modern concept of dating.

Falling in love vs. finding the most suitable match

Finally, with the introduction of modern dating, people started prioritizing the concept of love. Young men and women began realizing how important it was to fall in love and not just find a suitable match. On the contrary, what happened earlier was that love was given a secondary position when marriage was in concern. If the man and woman had to find love between themselves, it was only after they were declared husband and wife. Therefore, with the blooming of the concept of dating tagged along with the desire to find love before going for any kind of commitment.

It was during the first half of the 20th century, and people started understanding the value of companionship over rituals and traditions. The young generation of that time wanted to base their marriage only based on love and compatibility. Stories were now written about romance and love.

Mutual respect and romance were now being talked about in public platforms. It was now that people started to prioritize finding life partners for themselves more than just getting into marriage alliances based on social stature.


During the 1950s, people started using the term ‘steady relationships’ to maintain exclusiveness and uniqueness. Now that dating was more of a part of youth culture rather than rigid family affairs, steady relationships became the thing. It was when a man would give one or more of his belongings to a woman that they were termed as ‘going steady.’ It could be a book, jacket, ring, sweater, or anything else.

The sexual dynamics between a couple also took a sharp turn. While during the first half of the 20th century, sexuality and sex were not to be discussed openly, now things were more normalized. Earlier, these were concepts that could only be a part of a discussion between married couples. Along with time, when dating became a common thing, talking about sexual desires also became less critical.

Millennials and digitization

During the last part of the 20th century, dating found its real image, and everything started changing dynamics very fast. Finally, we entered the 21st century, and digitization came as a big wave that washed away all the rigidity and old school thoughts about dating and romance.

The whole modern concept of dating started with matrimonial and matchmaking platforms on the internet. Although the internet was introduced during the 1990s itself, it surely gained popularity in the 2000s.

Cut to 2019, and people are so much into online dating now. Every one out of five people now has dating apps on their phones. While some of you think such applications have made life more comfortable, there are still people who believe in traditional dates and romance. That is precisely where the entire concept of online dating vs offline dating comes from.

Final thoughts

Dating is a fairly common concept nowadays, and love is a priority for most of us. Just like everything has its pros and cons, the modernization of the idea of dating is no exception. It is up to us that we only gather the positives and leave the negatives behind.

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