OKBet is not just your typical online gambling website because it has a lot of things to offer for you and people who like to gamble on the internet. It has a lot of variety for people to play and place bets. There are the usual casino games like cards, slots, and more. You can even go bolder by playing their live casino games with real people and dealers. If casino games aren’t your thing, then try their sports bets, they have everything if you want to bet on sports and even on E-sports. There are a lot of things to get you invested and if you plan on getting started with OKBet, take advantage of the promotions available on their official website.

What is the point of these promotions?

These promotions are made to entice new users to the site. Think about a brand new store opening up and they hook people in with some discounts and promos. Providing the right products and services can give the customers an idea of how good the store is and that makes them come back even when there are no promotions currently happening. This is the same for OKBet to hook in some new players and reward their long-time patrons to keep on using the site.

How to avail of these promotions

These promotions can be availed when you are first a member of OKBet. Head on over to the promotions section and see what is available for you to obtain. There should be a couple of them and you need to make sure you know what the rules are. If you are eligible to get the promos, then just click on them and you can get the rewards. If you have problems, then feel free to contact their customer service. There are also frequently asked questions or FAQ sections for you to see if there are answers to your problem.

The different promotions from OKBet

  1. The Referral Bonus

The name says it all, you get a bonus when you refer a friend to join OKBet. You’ll send someone a referral link or code from your account. When that person registers and joins OKBet as well as makes a deposit, you can get a 15% bonus. The more people you refer, the more bonuses that you can get but make sure to check if there are restrictions or limitations.

  1. The Deposit Bonus

This bonus happens when you make your first deposit. After registering your account and putting in the important details, you can get a 5% bonus upon making your first deposit. The bonus can be used on all available games on OKBet. This bonus can only be claimed once unfortunately, it happens upon making your first deposit.

  1. The Cashback Bonus

Every time you deposit more than a specific amount, you get a 3% cashback bonus. The amount would depend on where you are around the world. Don’t worry since it is pretty much visible on the minimum amount you have to deposit to get the 3% cashback bonus. The more you deposit, the bigger the cashback you can get. Just keep in mind that it is always 3% or check if things changed.

  1. The Birthday Bonus

This one is simple; OKBet will give you a bonus on your birthday. They’ll do that based on the date that you registered on your account as your birthday and you can only get this once a year. 

In Closing

It’s a very good idea to get started with OKBet if you love online gambling. That’s why taking advantage of these promotions can be ideal, so that you can get bonuses and more cash to your account.

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