Over the last few years, the smoking of medicinal herbs has enjoyed a renaissance as laws change and formerly forbidden plants like cannabis become legalized. In the past, smoking was really the only method for easy consumption, but modern science has provided us with a great alternative in the form of the vaporizer.

Smoking has some attendant health risks even when inhaling relatively harmless medicinal herbs, and can lead to a dry, itchy throat, and a nasty cough. Now a lot of herb aficionados are switching over to the dry herb vape system which provides a more resource-efficient and healthier alternative to smoking.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using a vape:

  • Improved Taste and Aroma – Smoke of any kind doesn’t really taste very good, and when burning medicinal herbs you lose a lot of the pleasant flavours and aromas. Instead of hot smoke, the vape delivers a cool, refreshing cloud of atomized herb that tastes delicious, and doesn’t end up with you having a coughing fit! You will be able to better enjoy the nuances of the herb’s terpenes, with pleasant tastes and scents reminiscent of pine, mint, fruit, and more! There is the added benefit that the smell of vaped herbs doesn’t linger in the room or on your clothing like smoke does!
  • Gentle On The Throat And Lungs – Smoke is hot and can feel unpleasant, even from a water pipe. The dry herb vape brings the herb to just the right temperature to release its active medicinal compounds without actually igniting the plant matter. This results in a better tasting experience that is much gentler on the throat and lungs, and has no harmful physical effects.
  • Efficient Herb Consumption – The consumption of herbs using a dry herb vape will bring considerable savings because it utilises them in a much more efficient manner. It’s very difficult to control the flame when smoking herbs, resulting in much of the product being wasted, and burned away without ever touching your lungs! Not only do you lose potency, it also costs you more money! Vaporising brings the herb to the perfect temperature so you maximise the effects without having your precious herbs simply go up in smoke!
  • Convenient And Discreet –  Traditional herb smoking methods are infamous for their attendant reek, you had better air out the house before Mom gets home, and change your clothes before you go out, or everyone will know what you’ve been up to! If you require some level of discretion then the dry herb vape is the best way to go. A vaporiser produces only a very small amount of odour so they are easy to use in public spaces when you would prefer to maintain some privacy or don’t wish to be a bother to other people in the area. They are also much more easy and more convenient to use being small, portable, and not requiring the cumbersome use of a lighter or matches. 

Now that you have heard it from us don’t just take our word for it, try out the dry vape system for yourself and find out first-hand what a great experience it provides!


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