There was a time where this would be a really easy list to compile, but nowadays the competition is getting tougher and tougher. As game developers learn their lessons and produce more sympathetic adaptations of people’s favourite films, the games they produce are finding a wider and more appreciative audience.

Examples of poorly-received movie-based games include ‘Superman 64’,Aliens: Colonial Marines’ and Wreck-It-Ralph – which ironically, was a story about a video game. But today, releasing a movie inspired game is no longer seen as a marketing gimmick and is often seen as a continuation of the cinematic experience.

With technology constantly improving and competition fierce in the video game sector, developers are pulling out all the stops to entice players to their product. So, here’s our list of the best games based on hit movies.

Marvel’s Avengers

While not a faithful adaptation of the film, this is very much the Marvel world, with great storytelling and all the characters you would expect: Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Black Panther and Captain America to name just a few. 

After San Francisco is destroyed by the A-Day disaster, a population of Inhumans is created and the Avengers are disbanded. In the absence of the Avengers, Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) promises to protect the population. However, all is not as it seems. Players start the game as Kamala Khan, a teenage mega-fan of the Avengers, on the run after uncovering a secret. Reuniting the Avengers, you can play as each member as you journey beyond the Earth to build the Avengers’ confidence and save the world.

This is a hugely enjoyable action game which maintains player interest as you unlock all the different Marvel characters skills. Guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales


Spider-Man is a hugely successful movie franchise and last year’s ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ was the highest grossing movie of the year. That popularity has spread to the Spider Man games and recent adaptations have been excellent.

The 2020 release of Miles Morales builds on and expands the Spider-Man world through a brand-new story. Playing as teenager Miles Morales, you must master your new powers to follow in the footsteps of Peter Parker and become a new Spider-Man. 

The game begins as a fierce struggle for power occurs, which threatens to destroy the home of Miles. In the wake of this, the aspiring hero comes to realize that great power brings with it great responsibility. To save all of New York, Miles must become Spider-Man and own the mantle.

Playing on PS5, this game is a visual feast and cinematic in its scope. Haptic feedback adds an extra layer to game play, with fights in particular proving immersive and exciting. Swing across New York City, save the city and earn the right to be called Spider-Man. What’s not to like?

Mad Max: Fury Road

The 2015 film starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron was a box office hit. The success of the film resulted in the making of progressive jackpot slot. There are a whopping 243 different ways to win with each spin, with players able to wager as little as £0.20. Casino games based on films have always proved to be popular with those who enjoy spending their time playing online slots.

As with all slots, there are some symbols to keep your eye on. The Wild Symbols, Bonus Symbols and the Scatter Symbols can all land in any position across the reels. The Wild Sandstorm is of course based on the epic scene within the movie and once triggered, it will spin the high-valued symbols, potentially turning them wild.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

There are a lot of Lord of the Rings themed games out there, but the reality is, most of them aren’t great. However, the Middle- Earth inspired game, Shadow of War, has proved to be a welcome addition.

Designed as a prequel to the popular movies, you play as Talion, a ranger, whose goal is to stop the evil Sauron from ruling Middle Earth. That means defeating his might orc army Sauron’s orc army; but killing highly ranked enemies sees them replaced with even more powerful foes.

Great graphics and sound effects – especially with headphones – immerse you in Middle-Earth, and make Shadow of War a game that Gandalf himself would be proud of.

GoldenEye 007

james bond

This maybe a retro choice, but this Nintendo 64 release, based on the 1995 James Bond movie, changed video games forever. GoldenEye introduced gamers to the magic of split-screen shooters with its deathmatch arena. 

Today’s multiplayer first-person-shooters owe a debt of gratitude to this era defining game. It made gaming fun, allowing groups of friends to play together for hours on end and inspired the modern, ultra-realistic first-person games of today, such as Call of Duty.

Even the single-player version with its clever level designs provided Bond like suspense and a great soundtrack. It may no longer be the visual treat it once was thanks to today’s powerful gaming machines, but GoldenEye’s place in the history of video games will never be forgotten.

The future of games 

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and ever more powerful graphics, gamers can expect many more movie-inspired games that will mimic the cinematic experience. Taking storytelling, game play and graphics to new levels, the future of gaming looks more exciting than ever before.

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