After saving up your wins using your Fair Go casino online login you might be wanting to travel. Perhaps you’ve been overwhelmed with travel photos from Instagram or some other place and now you don’t know where to even start deciding where to go. Luckily here are some great locations you can think about visit for the winter !

Salzburg in Austria

Renowned for its charming Christmas market to visit for the winter , Salzburg is a small Austrian town full of surprises. Its old town, which is home to a majestic castle as well as pretty palaces and Baroque churches, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Just imagine the splendor of the place when the snow covers the monuments.

The city’s atmosphere is traditional and promises a real step back in time. Between the small stalls and the old cafes, the trip is particularly pleasant in winter. On the other hand, let the children not be disappointed here. Santa Claus is not king. In the hometown of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Austrian composer is more popular than the old gentleman dressed in red.

Strasbourg In France

Impossible to oust the capital of Alsace from this selection. Famous around the world for its market, Strasbourg attracts crowds every winter and is not nicknamed the ” Christmas capital ” for nothing. This year, the market takes over the city center from November 26 to December 26 for a month of magic under the theme “Light up the Stars.”

Between the majestic Christmas tree in Place Kléber, the tastefully decorated stalls, and the sparkling illuminations, all roads should lead us to Alsace this winter. On the other hand, it is impossible to miss the must-sees such as the Notre-Dame de Strasbourg cathedral, the Grande Île, or the Petite France district.Pay N Play casino without swedish license

Brugge, Belgium

With its cobbled streets, its frozen canals, and its architecture of gingerbread houses, Bruges is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities to visit in winter. Visiting Bruges in January or February when the Christmas markets are over will allow you to have the whole city to yourself, and visiting in November or December to see the Ice Sculpture Festival.

Winter’s Glow allows you to connect with the city and its rich history while maintaining a safe distance. Winter glow embraces you and warms you. Reason enough to spend a night in Bruges and enjoy the city at its most beautiful in winter.

Andalusia, Spain

To spend a warm winter, we recommend Andalusia, which has the advantage of a rather mild climate in winter. Indeed, this Spanish region can boast of having more than 300 days of sunshine a year, enough to be able to extend the days outside in winter without being bothered by the usual horde of tourists.

For its unique flora and fauna, Andalusia is one of the most visited regions in Spain. You can also calmly visit the towns and villages of the region, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Winter sports enthusiasts, all you have to do is go about thirty kilometers to enjoy the most beautiful ski and snowboard spots, in particular at the Sierra Nevada station or that of Pradollano. Another advantage is the prices of transport and accommodation are reduced during this period. So do not hesitate!

Saint Petersburg in Russia

Does the extreme cold of Russian winters push you away? You would be missing something by removing St. Petersburg from your list. The thick layer of snow that covers the ground and the illuminations of the city offer a deeply exotic stay. From the Tauride Garden ice rink to the frozen Neva, St. Petersburg is perfect for a winter jaunt.

The emblem of the city, the Saint-Sauveur-sur-le-Sang-Versé cathedral, offers a postcard setting when the snowflakes cover it. The same goes for the sublime building that houses the Hermitage Museum, one of the largest museums on the planet, alongside the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On the other hand, to enjoy the traditional atmosphere of a Russian Christmas.

Yellowstone National Park, USA

Created in 1872, Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the world, covers an area of ​​8,983 km2, larger than Corsica, and is the 2nd largest natural park in the United States. Yellowstone is famous for its geothermal phenomena since it contains two-thirds of the planet’s geysers and numerous hot springs, but it is also home to many large mammals such as black bears, grizzly bears, deer, and even wild herds of bison.

The Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan

A place rarely visited in normal times due to its 7,495 meters high; it is even less so in winter when the lakes of these mountains can be covered with one meter of ice. Extreme conditions mean that even the locals do not venture there; only a few intrepid explorers in search of very extreme sensations dare to walk there in winter. The Pamir is indeed one of the most isolated regions in the world. The infrastructure is poorly developed, and the population continues to depend on external aid. (

The Snow Museum Istanbul, Turkey

In the vital district of Bayrimpasha in Istanbul, specifically in the Forum Istanbul shopping center, there is a unique and pleasant site that covers an area of ​​about 1,400 square meters, costing around 20 million dollars.

It is the first snow museum in Turkey, the design of which was made by skilled architects and designers; where 70 tons of ice were transported specially from Sweden to make these museum snow halls, and 100 tons of snow from ‘Istanbul were transported to form the museum’s walls, corridors, and statuettes.


With all of that in mind, a trip to these majestic places in winter shouldn’t be a day trip but rather something you look forward to. Simply take the time to enjoy nature and winter landscapes. Our best-recommended places to visit this Winter 2022 are sure to provide you with ideas and fun.

Now, Don’t delay; book your spot, so you don’t miss out on bookings in hotels near these glorious places. So where are you going this winter? (chalene) The choice is yours now.


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