Sports betting is an increasingly popular way of relaxation and fun for millions of people worldwide. While different people are attracted by betting on different sports disciplines, there is one thing in common for any online betting fan – the desire to hit the jackpot and win the money that will inscribe you in the history of the biggest sports betting winners ever.

Lady Fortuna doesn’t make a difference between experienced bettors and those making their first tries. Everybody, no matter of age, location, the sum of the bet, and their experience in predicting the outcomes of sports events, have equal chances to win big. Here is best betting sites in Zambia.

Can you imagine how a person who has just won a million dollars should feel? Hopefully, one day you’ll have the chance to experience this yourself. But for now, we’d like to give you some inspiration and faith so that you start believing in miracles and your ability to get your lucky break. Take a look at some most astonishing sports betting winnings that history can remember.

Super Bowl XLIVE Bet Brings $3.5 Million

The year 2010 astonished the world of online sports betting with the news of a $3.5 million winning. The lucky bettor turned out to be Billy Walters – a well-known poker player who moved on in his career to sports betting. This man has always been famous for his massive winnings, yet his bet in the match between Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints became truly historical.

Putting his steak on the underdog of the match New Orleans Saints Billy Walters became the biggest officially confirmed sports betting winner. That was the first time ever that the team from New Orleans took the Super Bowl. Incredible luck!

Kansas City Royals Bring $2.5 Million to Vegas Dave

If you think that buying a lottery ticket for $10 is a risk, say it to Dave Oancea, better known as Vegas Dave, who put at stake a whopping $140 000. This man was definitely sure about his win. How else can you explain the fact that he split this incredible sum between 15 online bookmakers when a single betting platform refused to accept such a huge bet?

Putting everything on Kansas City Royals in the 2015 World Series, he won the incredible $2.5 million dollars and entered the history of sports betting winners forever.

More than $1.8 Dollars for a Free Horse Racing Ticket

Do you remember us saying that neither your age nor the sum you bet can influence your luck? Well, Mr. Steve Whiteley proves we are 100% honest with you. This 61-year-old British resident managed to win more than $1.8 million (£1.45 million) by betting £2 on naming precisely the six horses to win the race. What’s more, he got to the races making use of a free ticket he happened to get.

A Belief in Tiger Woods Rewards with $1.2 Million

Not only does Tiger Woods earns millions of dollars, but he also helps his devoted fans to win big. A 2019 Masters became fateful for the world-known golfer who proved his high class after years of decay and James Adducci – a man who risked betting $85 000 on Tiger Woods’s win. The odds were 14/1, so it definitely seemed like craziness. Anyway, it looks like being crazy is a good thing, sometimes.

£1 Million Horse Racing Win

It seems like being a 60+-year-old British man who likes horseracing is a rather profitable business. How else can you explain the fact that Fred Craggs from Yorkshire, England, won £1 million by betting 50 pence, thus becoming the second man from the UK to receive such huge money?

Choosing an eight-fold accumulator for horse racing events around the globe was the right decision on his part. You can imagine what he felt finding out about his incredible winning when he came to the local bookmaker for another bet.

What Is the Key to Winning Big? Final Words

While your luck and experience play a huge role in your ability to win seven-figure sums, you’ll have no chance to get your money if betting with a bookmaker you can’t trust. None of the people presented in our rating would receive their money if not for a reliable sportsbook they bet with.

Taking this into account, it’s essential to bet with a service that will remain honest with you no matter what. is exactly like this. Working in online betting for years, this bookmaker boasts an excellent reputation and high ratings among punters. High odds, generous bonus programs, and an endless number of sports events you can stake. Looks like a perfect bookmaker to win big.

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