Gaming is currently a huge niche within entertainment and one that has surpassed major rivals such as movies and music. The secret to this success has been the way gaming has diversified and become more attractive to a wider audience. 

One prime example of this is the rise of the iGaming sector lately. Over the last decade, this industry has rapidly risen to the top and now has players spread around the world. This has certainly been the case in Canada and has led to many Canadians now playing fun games such as blackjack at top casino sites real money casinos

Looking back at 2021, it is clear that this was another year of growth for iGaming – both in Canada and also on a global scale. But how did this pan out exactly in the last 12 months? (Viagra)  

Global iGaming in 2021: What do we know? 

When you consider that the size of the global iGaming market was around $58.9bn in 2019 and around $66.7bn in 2020, the jump to just over $72bn in 2021 shows that it enjoyed another great year. But what was behind this? 

To begin with, many people around the world chose to continue playing casino games online in the previous 12 months, rather than heading back to land-based sites. While some of this was through choice and some due to pandemic restrictions in certain countries, the net effect globally was that more people than ever flocked to play games online. 

In addition, iGaming was also breaking new ground on a global scale in 2021. The North American market for example continued to open up and the African iGaming market enjoyed a stellar year. South Africa’s Gross Gaming Revenue shot up in 2021 and is set to pass $2bn by 2023.

iGaming in Canada: What is the local picture? 

But what about iGaming on a local level within Canada in 2021? As with the rest of the world, the industry enjoyed a decent 12 months with more Canadians choosing to play fun games such as slots online. 

By the end of the year, the iGaming market in Canada was valued at $14.72bn and 75% of Canadians had taken part in this type of gaming during 2021. While checking out Gal Gadot’s wedding dress or listening to the latest tunes might be how some people like to relax, it seems that iGaming was something many Canadians enjoyed in 2021.

What might the future hold for iGaming moving ahead? 

The good news for those who like to play casino games online is that the future looks bright. In Canada for example, Ontario was the most recent province to announce regulation of iGaming in early April 2022. This will be a significant step forward for the country’s iGaming scene and surely pave the way for other provinces to follow. 

On a global scale, the picture for iGaming also looks good. The revenue forecast for 2027 is more than $120bn and illustrates the constant growth many predict for iGaming around the world. As more iGaming markets start to emerge and new tech helps internet casinos offer more to players, further growth on a global scale is likely. 

iGaming in 2021: Another great year

When you look at the performance of iGaming in Canada and around the world in 2021, it is clear to see that it enjoyed a decent 12 months. With people becoming accustomed to playing games online in previous years and the presence of online activities in daily life, it seems 2021 was a year when we became even more familiar with iGaming. 

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