We can relish the national kitchen. For example, people try to cook Sushi, the Japanese national dish; you can see this meal in shops across the world! Also, people in some countries find their own recipe for sushi to diversify its taste. As a result, some national dishes have become popular across the world as Easy-to-Cook Meals.

In 2021, Internet users like to share with each other different recipes that they came up with themselves. Mostly, such recipes are based on the most popular dishes. For example, some Americans try to cook the Russian dish Pelmeni and add cheese to it — melted or just grated. They even write about their hobby in their blogs or sometimes tell about do my homework for me experience when they lack time for cooking.

Whilst pelmeni isn’t popular across the world, we’ll go through in detail three of the most popular and easy-to-cook meals which recipes people try to supplement and diversify. 


Yes, you’ve probably tasted it. If not, you’ve probably heard about it. 

Such a meal is extremely easy to cook and has become a go-to dinner for a lot of people and also as Easy-to-Cook Meals. Thanks to burgers, you can eat fast and even full as a boot if you relish more than two ones. 

There are tons of burger recipes. Also, you can visit restaurants where you’ll treat yourself to unusual company’s burgers. For example, one of the best places is Emily’s restaurant in New York, where you’ll enjoy an Emmy Burger. The fact is such a deal is sold in limited quantities, but if you buy it, be sure that you’ll come to burger heaven. 

There are multiple types of burgers depending on the cooking method:

  • broiling;
  • grilling;
  • steamed;
  • stoved.

We’ll tell you how to cook grilling burgers.

  1. Sprinkle beef with ½ teaspoon salt. 
  2. Farm the meat into four balls.
  3. Make a small indentation in the center to avoid bulging burgers. 
  4. Roast meat until it feels firm. Do the same with the other side. 
  5. Top each side of the burger with two slices of cheese and wait two minutes while the cheese melts. 
  6. After grilling, top meat with the lettuce and tomato. 
  7. Then, finish your cooking by compressing your dish with two slices of buns.

If you’re a fan of spice food, you can add some pepper to your burger. Or a lot of it. Do as you want. 


The second most popular dish is pizza. There are tons of pizza styles. For example:

  • New York-style Pizza;
  • California Pizza;
  • Sicilian Pizza;
  • Neapolitan Pizza.

Each of them has its own history and characteristics. For instance, New York-style pizza is famous for its enormous size and foldable slices. Some people even believe that unusual New York-style pizza taste is related to minerals that you can find in NY tap water. The fact is at first, such a type of pizza was only a variation of Neapolitan one. Over time, when cooks have been trying to make their dish original, they achieved their goal.

To make NY-style pizza, you should purchase the next ingredients:

  • tomato sauce;
  • mozzarella;
  • sausage;
  • pepperoni;
  • anchovies;
  • mushroom.

If you like spices, it’s a good idea to add oregano, red pepper, and garlic powder. The feature of such a style of pizza is that you can add any spice to it. 


The third place in our list is taken by eggs. This food is very cheap and affordable; hence, it’s nothing to say that people eat eggs around the world. Every country has its own cooking method. For example, you can see so-called deviled eggs only in Italy, whilst if you go to Mexican buddies, they cook for you the strange meal called huevos rancheros. 

Some countries have really simple recipes. For example, people in Russia just break one or multiple eggs into the grease and roast them for less than five minutes. Sometimes they add sliced sausage and spices when they like to enjoy food with a bite. 

But people in other countries offer you a meal that is a little more difficult. For instance, let’s go to the UK where so-called Scotch eggs are really popular. People in the United Kingdom boil an egg for you and wrap it in sausage and fry such a dish for you until crispy. 

In some places, e. g. in Greece, you’ll be treated with an entire soup with eggs. For cooking this dish, you need:

  • rice;
  • lemon juice;
  • eggs themselves.

Whisk eggs and mix them in a bowl. Then, add rice and lemon juice and mix again. Congratulations! You’ve cooked Avgolemono soup! 

The Bottom Line

As you see, you know all the easiest-to-cook dishes or Easy-to-Cook Meals. They’re popular around the world, and Internet users come up with ideas on how to make them tastier. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that there are a lot of styles of burgers, pizzas, and even fried eggs. Cook a lot, and you’ll definitely create your own cooking method for some dish!

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