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Most men think that it is hard to understand women, but wait until you write love letters for her that make her cry. If you are finding difficulty in expressing your emotions or having constant conflicts with your partner, this is a smart way to address issues.

Why write love letters for her that make her cry?

If you think that love letters are outdated, think again. Women often like things that people used to do in olden days to feel ‘hopeless romantic’. Here, we will tell you why writing love letters is classic and heart-touching:

1. Old school

If your partner is sentimental and old school, you must write love letters for her that make her cry. The sheer though of receiving a love letter will be overwhelming for them and you can top it up with things you write.

Not just women who are traditional or old school would love this. Even women who are tired of random men sliding into their DMs will appreciate something like a love letter. Very few people take this approach in 2019 and reach out to a girl with a heartfelt handwritten text. It is a great way to prove that you are a keeper.

2. Let’s you say what you want to

When you’re talking over a text message, phone call or face to face, you get an instant reply back. When you write a letter to your partner, she takes out time to read it and understand what you want to say. Since she cannot reply to the text immediately, she will take more time to understand your views. This is a great way to solve problems and address issues rather than yelling over it.

3. Show your effort

With digitalization being at its peak, people seldom use pen and paper to write things down. You have Word Docs or Excel Sheets for everything. In such an era, taking out time to write handwritten text shows the effort you want to put in. Irrespective of what is written in it, your love letters will make her cry due to the hard work.

4. A better way to express

When you start jotting down things you need to say, you have enough time to think and write. It is not like verbally saying things or forgetting what to say when you need to. You can create a rough draft, note down all you need to write, and make a fresh letter that has a proper order. Even if you don’t want to make it look formal, you will also not want to miss out on what to say.

5. Best way to communicate

Many times, we say things we don’t want to, but when we write it down, we know how it sounds. Written communication helps you curate every sentence in a nice way so that you don’t sound harsh. You use the right kind of words that can melt a woman’s heart and also win it.

Tips to write love letters for her

Here, we will give you some tips to write love letters for her that make her cry:

1. Use special names

When you write a letter, you must start it with ‘dear’ followed by the special name you call your partner. You can also write ‘to my beloved’ and follow it with a special name. Most people tend to give nicknames to their loved ones to have that one name they will call each other with. It makes the perfect start after which you can explain the purpose of your letter.

2. Use quotes and poems

You can Google quotes and poems or make one on your own. The quality of words or rhythm doesn’t matter. What matters is the emotions you have behind speaking those.

If you are writing the letter to propose to your partner, you can use quotes for your proposal. If you are apologizing for some way you wronged her, you can win her back with heartfelt poems. These are definitely going to make her feel special and also make her cry.

3. Recall a romantic memory

If you’re writing a general love letter to appreciate her or wish her on your anniversary, you can add details of a romantic memory. It can be a funny incident that brought you too together or a difficult time where you were by each other’s side. These not only revive the same amount of happiness you shared in your life but also immortalizes it in pen and paper.

4. Tell her what you love about her

Women often don’t get the appreciation they deserve. Men might think that women are supposed to do certain things in a marriage or relationship, according to their will. But it is important to realize that women too have desires and wants, but often go against own their wishes. You can acknowledge those adjustments she does for you and write about things that make her a good lady.

5. Tell her how you changed

Every love relationship changes a person to a certain extent. It is a basic difference between being single and being committed. There are certain ways you mold yourself to be in a relationship and that is usually for the better. Count on those things that have made you a better person because of the person you are dating. This will definitely make her feel special and wanted.

6. End with how much you love her

The main purpose of writing a love letter is to tell your partner how much you love her. Share all the things that make her special and makes you want to have her all through your life. Add all the happy memories and bad things that you need to fight together for.

Talk about problems if you want to and how you plan to make things better. Also, talk about the ways she can make things better for the two of you. Make sure the end is always about lovey-dovey stuff and how you want things to be as good as it.

Final thoughts

Add some more aspects according to how your relationship is or as per what your girlfriend likes. Gift her the letter with roses or chocolates if she loves those, and make the approach more romantic. (

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