Some of you may question, “Is internet gambling legal in Japan?” when we speak about Japan and gambling. Chapter 23 of Japan’s Criminal Code bans the bulk of the country’s online gambling in Japan activities.

Horse racing and several forms of motorsports betting are two notable exceptions. Lotteries, toto (football pool) games, and other public events are organized under specific legislation to earn money for the government as well as provide amusement. In this article, you’ll get more information on:

  • Which are the legalized online casino games in Japan
  • How does online gambling regulation work in Japan

Games That Are Legal In Japanese Online Casinos- Online Gambling In Japan

There are some well-known legal online casino games worth noting. Sporting events are one example of this. Races that are accessible to the public and may be legally gambled on are known as public sports. Among the four forms of racing are horse racing, bicycle racing, powerboat racing, and asphalt speedway motorcycle racing.

Each of the four varieties uses a form of pari-mutuel wagering. The winnings from these races account for 70% to 80% of the overall revenue. There are several circuits and ticket booths where you may buy betting tickets in different cities (off-track betting).

Baccarat is an accepted form of gambling in Japan. As one of the most popular online gambling games, baccarat has become an increasingly popular pastime thanks to baccarat odds. In banker bets, the house advantage is 1.06 percentage points. 

A player wager has a greater house advantage than the banker’s, yet baccarat odds are obviously in the player’s direction. In the tie bet, the house has a 14.36% edge. Bets placed on the banker’s hand might boost the chances of winning in this situation. Baccarat’s fundamental principles are easy to understand. This is the main reason that makes  popular in Japan. Despite their busy schedule, players are still able to gamble and meet their commitments. In order to win, the banker and player must both score nine. Players and bankers are only allowed to gamble on their hands winning or losing, even if they have no previous knowledge of how they will be tallied in the game.

Almost every Japanese casino now features a blackjack table. Casinos have what is known as a house advantage. If you’re looking for a minimal house advantage, then blackjack is the game for you. It’s a great game for beginners since the rules are simple. Depending on the geography or policy of a nation, the rules of certain table games might evolve throughout time. Instead of being affected by extraneous factors, Blackjack adheres to the rules of the game. Because of the simplicity and the strategic characteristic of the game, it’s some of the best online casino games for novice players. This is why most Japanese new players choose this game to play in online casinos. 

Numerology draws, where players choose their own numbers from a pool of predetermined numbers, and scratch cards round out the three primary forms of lotteries. Lottery tickets cost between 100 and 500 yen, and the biggest cash awards are frequently more than 100 million yen.

There are takarakuji booths and businesses all around the nation where you may buy tickets to see Takarakuji. Some ATMs also sell lottery tickets for specified numbers.

Slot machines that look like pinball machines are known as pachinko. Japanese law considers pachinko an exemption to the penal statute on gambling as a result of its historical, monetary and cultural significance.

Pachinko parlors are privately owned and may be found in every region of the country. Then, does Japan allow internet gambling? It was unlawful at first but is now legal. However, the government only permits a few games to be played. Gaming businesses licensed to operate in Japan will be able to provide online gambling to residents of the country.


Current Status Of Legalization 

Since 2006, Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has been engaged in a debate on whether or not to legalize casinos in the country, with a study titled ‘Japan’s Basic Policy about the Introduction of Casino Entertainment’. On July 27th, 2018, the Japanese Diet enacted a law allowing for the operation of licensed private gambling operations in certain Japanese areas. It’s not clear how the IR Development Act will be implemented in practice because it delegated a significant amount of detail to Cabinet Orders, Ministry Orders, and Casino Administration Committee rules under the IR Development Act, and it’s not clear how that delegation will be carried out in practice at this time.

The Yakuza are notorious for operating illicit casinos in Japan. Many mahjong parlors have links to the Yakuza in order to collect debts from defaulting players, and Mahjong may be played for money.

Illegal gambling may now be done through mobile gaming sites. Playing rock, paper, scissors, and winning money are possible at these sites for Japanese players. These sites’ proprietors were arrested in 2010 and acknowledged making over $1 million from their businesses at the time.

The bet tickets cost $315, which was paid for by the participants. If they won three times in a row, they’d get $1,000, and if they won five times in a row, they’d get $10,000 each time.

There have been requests for the opening of casinos under Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) administration in order to stimulate tourism. Sumo wrestlers’ recent sports betting on baseball has generated a controversy in Japan, where casinos are still banned.

In 2000, former mayor Ishihara suggested erecting casinos in Odaiba, however, the concept was not completely authorized despite significant popular support.

The lack of gambling culture in Japan was cited as a reason why the country might be more prone to addiction.

Another potential for Japan’s casino sector to grow is the construction of floating casinos. In July of 2021, the Japanese parliament enacted legislation allowing for the legal operation of casinos in the island nation. Three integrated resorts (IRs) will house casinos. Each IR will be developed in a separate location.

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