Poker is one of the most popular card games worldwide. Not only are there multiple varieties of the game, but it is also common for different types of tournaments to be organized, and today we are going to talk about the most popular ones.

Cash poker tournaments

In these tournaments, each player pays an entry fee and receives a fixed amount of chips. Players compete until one of them wins all the chips of the others, and the cash prize is divided among the remaining players according to their ranking.

These types of tournaments can be in-person or online like those at Since they are played with real money, they are only recommended for those who already have some experience in the game and know all the rules well. (

In any case, it is important to set a budget in advance and, if they are the first games, that budget should always be low. As the player gains experience, he can increase his limit.

Sit & Go tournaments

These are a poker tournament format in which players compete against a small group of opponents and play begins once all the open seats have been filled. The objective is to become the last player with chips.

These tournaments usually have a limited size of players and a fixed prize structure that is divided among the top finishers. They are a popular way to play poker online due to their speed and ease of access.

Multi-table tournaments

Multi-table poker tournaments are poker events in which players compete at several tables simultaneously until there is only one winner at each table. The winners of each table face each other at the final table.

These tournaments usually have a limited number of seats and a fixed cash prize structure. They can be played both live and online, and their duration depends on the total number of players, with some lasting a few hours and others lasting up to several days.

Rebuy tournaments

These are a type of tournament in which players have the option to buy more chips during a set period of time (usually at the beginning of the game) or after they have lost all their chips. This means that even if a player loses all his chips, he can continue playing by paying an additional fee.

Since they allow to continue playing even after a bad streak, these tournaments usually attract riskier and more aggressive players.

Freeroll tournaments

These are poker events in which players can participate without having to pay an entry fee or buy-in. Instead, organizers often offer cash prizes or entries to other tournaments as rewards. These tournaments are a good way for novice players to gain experience and build their bankrolls without risking their own money.

For the sponsors, the organization of this tournament has marketing benefits, since it helps them to become known among poker fans.

Pot building tournaments

A type of poker tournament in which competing players build the “pot” (the accumulated prize pool) with their contributions. Each player starts with a set amount of chips and plays until they run out of chips or until all other players have folded.

The winner of the tournament receives the largest percentage of the pot, the rest is divided among the other players according to their ranking. This type of tournament is popular online and in casinos, and can be in individual or team format.

Progressive structure tournaments

Progressive structure tournaments in poker are competitive events in which players compete with chips and the amount of chips allocated to each player at the start is equal. As the tournament progresses, the stakes increase in size, which reduces the number of players at the table until one winner remains.

The progressive betting structure allows the tournament to progress gradually, creating increasing tension and increasing the importance of each hand as the end approaches. It is a type of tournament only suitable for the most aggressive players.

Deep stack tournaments

These are competitions in which players have a significant amount of chips in relation to the wagering requirements, i.e. they receive a larger amount of chips than in other tournaments. This allows them to play with a more long-term and less impulsive strategy.

These tournaments usually last several days and require skill and patience, as players must manage their chip stack over the course of the days.

The best poker tournaments in the world

As you have seen, there are many different types of tournaments. If you want to learn from the best, there are a number of international competitions that you should not miss.

World Series of Poker (WSOP)

It is the most relevant competition at international level, a reference tournament for professionals, amateurs and fans alike. In fact, the winners usually get a great public recognition, as well as an important purse.

This tournament has grown so much that it has had to be divided in two to focus the competition on two different targets. Now there is the Word Series of Poker Circuit, held in casinos in the United States, and the World Series of Poker Europe, focused on European casinos.

World Championship of Online Poker

The WCOOP is one of the most prestigious poker tournaments worldwide, encompassing a wide diversity of players from all over the world with a high quality of play. Limited to the digital world, it is followed by millions of people.

Its success is another sign of the great boom that poker is experiencing in the digital environment and the good players that are coming out of the online tables.

World Poker Tour

We close the ranking with the WPT, which extends beyond the United States and Europe, with games in every corner of the world. For many, this tournament is one of the ones that has done the most to internationalize poker.

You already know the different tournaments you can play and the international events you should not miss to learn from the best. What will be your next challenge?

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