Nowadays, the use of cryptocurrency to pay is modern, as it is a digital form of payment for many across the world. Prior to the early stages of adoption of cryptocurrency, bitcoin, litecoin and other digital currencies weren’t nearly as trusted as they are today. People have now begun to trust more these virtual currencies as more people around the world have begun to use them more openly. Even different businesses have started to accept crypto currency as a form of payment, which makes it great for users who already had money online, as they are free to spend their crypto money as they please.

If you are interested in finding out where you can use cryptocurrency to pay as a form of payment, check out the short list below to see your options.

CryptoCurrency Casinos

Online casinos have tons of advantages for the gamblers to play in. Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos have numerous forms of payment, these include different currencies or even using crypto money which is very convenient for some users. The majority of online casinos and land-based casinos don’t take cryptocurrency as a form of payment, and rely on banks or regular currency to do transactions. (Diazepam) For this same reason there are some alternative options to regular casinos where players can bet with cryptocurrency. (Johnsonstring) For instance a great way to find these alternatives is by searching for non Gamstop casinos and seeing which one accepts different forms of payment.

For people who are interested to use cryptocurrency to pay, there are specific places like bitcoin casinos where people can place their bets, gamble with bitcoin money or do different transactions with this form of currency. Even for people who have different forms of crypto currency like litecoin, there are numerous casino sites where people can use these coin as a form of payment. If this is something that you are interested in, check out more about litecoin here

Banks and Payment Services

Although the crypto currency transactions are done online, there are some banks or payment services that allow the client to change their bitcoin or crypto money into another type of currency. Banks such as Fidor Bank, Wordcore, Bankera, Paypal, Bitcoin Real estate, Vaultoro, among others. All of the banks mentioned allow the customer to buy and sell Bitcoin or other forms of currencies in BitQT, which makes it easy for people to change their money whenever they please.


Another great way of using crypto money is for booking reservations to travel. Companies like Cheap Air,, Airtreks, Destinia, among others, are now accepting crypto currency as a form of payment. Even the Cheap Air recently announced that they will also be accepting Ethereum payments for people looking into booking domestic or international flights.

While there was much doubt and lack of trust over the course of the last few years when it comes to buying and using cryptocurrency, the world has become more digital and people are slowly opening up to new technologies, and new forms of payments.

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