Love whiskey? Have you ever thought you can use this to not only help you cope with life but also to jazz up your closet? Yes, you heard it. Think malted accessories to give an extra edge to your outfit. You must have thought it wasn’t an easy task or possible at all to do this but here we are. And, the best part is you can show off your malted pieces at any season of the year. Yes, they are in all through the year. Not only that, these are timeless pieces and so you should hold them dear to your heart and probably pass it down to your future generations to come.

We know the thought of mixing fashion with whiskey is not something you come across every day. Which is why it is all the more important that you try it. Reason being your outfit will not only look unique but also have a personalized style which will reflect your love for whiskey and fashion at the same time. While you don’t need a reason to look your best, we have some creative ideas to let the black velvet whiskey lover inside you brew with style. All you need to do is let some creativity flow in and rock these items like you own the world.

Are you still in denial? Pack your worries up and read along to find out the best ways you can style these five awesome malted pieces for an all-season closet:

Johnnie Walker Brogues by Oliver Sweeney

Since we are talking about whiskey, it seemed only but natural to mention Johnnie Walker first. A pair of classic brogues is an inevitability in any man’s wardrobe. So is a versatile bottle of whiskey. These pair of shoes are not only made for walking but also drinking. These dapper-looking pair of Oxford-style footwear is sure to turn heads every time you go out. The best thing about these shoes, apart from the shoes themselves, is its secret compartment. Yes, we are full of surprises for you today. The heels in the shoes have a secret compartment to store a tiny bottle of whiskey to chug down some wherever and whenever you want to. Back in the 19th and early 20th centuries, whiskey was used as a cardiac stimulant, and this makes for a brilliant reason for you to keep some with you all the time. 

We love how Oliver Sweeney has lived up to its name in terms of creativity and innovativeness with these interesting brogues. Not only is the design so catchy, but the unfathomable idea of the secret booze compartment will also grab the attention of any liquor lover. Not only them, anyone would love to have shoes like these with such an innovative appeal and glamor. This men’s accessories and footwear label have collaborated with another legendary label Johnnie Walker, to create these marvelous pairs of shoes. We are in love with these brogues and strongly recommend you to get your hands on these limited edition pairs.

Jim Beam Watch by Original Grain

Original Grain in association with the world famous Jim Beam has created and designed 500 meticulously handcrafted limited edition watches. These nifty timepieces are made out of reconditioned Bourbon barrel wood by Jim Beam. Each white oak American barrel is intrinsically exceptional, making every watch of their’s a one of its kind. Attaching high-quality craftsmanship at its top priority, Original Grain designed this exquisite watch with Miyota 8215 Automatic Movement studded having 21 jewels. Smoothed stainless steel in espresso 316L, Mineral crystal glass cover, water resistance, a 40-hour power reserve, and a fold-over double-locking fastener are what makes this piece timeless. This classy watch comes along with an elegantly boxed Gentleman’s Kit, which comprises a numbered authenticity certificate, first-rate Italian leather band, along with link and a band relocation tool, Original Grain branded flask, and a barrel wood emblem branded by Jim Beam.

Original Grain also has a multitude of timeless pieces as such for women. One can wear these timepieces with party dresses for women or simply with pretty heart leggings. There is absolutely no barrier to wearing these gym accessories as well.

Johnnie Walker Backpack by Harris Tweed

The Johnnie Walker’s exclusive Pioneer with the impressive Flavour campaign has authentic local designers from every corner of Europe translating this modish fabric into a creative genius. We have never seen something like this. Their innovativeness is really impressive. From luxurious fashion clothing to sophisticated accessories, this collaboration has broken all barriers of urbane fashion. The German variation of this sumptuous project has introduced an alliance between a Berlin native baggage manufacturer and the skilled fashion expertise of Dandy Diary ensuing in an incredibly designed chic backpack. It is made out of 100 percent pure wool exclusively by Harris Tweed brewed the lovely flavors of Johnnie Walker Black Label. This very limited edition of 50 backpacks was made in Germany with extreme meticulousness.

Its specifications include 12 multipurpose external pockets with black two-way zip closure, two airy inside pockets, a hefty handle/cabin, sleep mask, a comfortable neck pillow, hip flask along with a smartphone charger. This ingenious backpack also comprises a water-resistant blanket— the versatility of this equipment can very well let women sport it as a stylish poncho. Apart from that its multipurpose pockets can let you carry liquor anytime you want, be it your favorite bottle of whiskey or some viniq to spice up your weekends.

Glenmorangie Glasses by Finlay & Co.

A spectacular initiative was taken by the Scotch Whisky industry and the fashion world, Finlay & Co. and Glenmorangie. One of the most important things common between these two evergreen labels is their unwavering affinity towards the wood. The craftsmanship Glenmorangie in making timeless wood pieces are what sets them apart. You are sure to steal the show with these unique wood frame glasses made exclusively by rigorous 16-step craftsmanship process. These uber-stylish sunglasses are everything that a whiskey lover can ever ask for. Based on the renowned Ledbury shape, these chic limited editions Glenmorangie sunglasses have been handcrafted in Britain.

Who would’ve thought about wearing sunglasses with a wooden frame? Especially, when they look so stylish! Grab one of these pairs and be the showstopper wherever you go.

AncNoc Scarf by Patrick Grant

Starting February 2016, AnCnoc decided to collaborate with the renowned Scottish-born fashion designer, Patrick Grant, to design a clinquant limited edition expression. Grant is world famous for his brilliant role as creative director of bespoke tailors of Savile Row in Norton & Sons.  His ingenious work is the epitome of craftsmanship and quality. This is in parallel to the incredulous work undertaken at the Knockdhu distillery to produce their curiously contemporaneous single malt Scotch. To celebrate the inauguration of Blas, the spectacular limited edition print was also created into highly aristocratic pocket squares and beautiful silk neck scarves.

We hope you are now rid of all the speculations that you started this post with. We understand that fashion and whiskey does not feel like it can go together. That’s because you are not aware of all the awesome ways whiskey is making into the world of fashion. These timeless malted accessories are surely going to make you the talk of the town.

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