Inarguably, to lead a disease-free and stress-free life, every person must stick to a proper lifestyle and a healthy diet. People should ensure they abstain from consuming fat-rich/unhealthy foods, alcohol and drugs to keep the internal system healthy. However, besides recreational purposes, many indulge themselves in drinking, smoking marijuana or weed, and using cocaine to reduce work-related stress. Excessive use of such harmful substances affects the well-being of an individual immensely.

Most employers all over the United States conduct drug tests at frequent intervals to identify and fire those employees who consume illegal drugs. The sole motive of reputable companies for conducting a urinalysis test is to ensure that the work environment remains safe and productive.

Aside from existing employees, it is mandatory even for new recruits to undergo such drug tests. Many who take drugs or drink hard beverages fail to clear a workplace drug test and face terrible consequences. But, some employees, despite smoking herbs or using cocaine or opiates regularly, successfully beat drug tests.

Are you wondering how? Know that same-day premium detox drinks help weed smokers, and drinkers flush THC and toxins out of the internal system quickly and effectively. Click here to find out how capable is Rescue Detox Ice, a top-grade detox beverage, to help most employees pass a urine drug screen. Read on to learn more about detoxification, the reason why many use detox drinks, how these drinks work, and why it’s essential to exercise.

What Does Detoxification Mean?

The process of the removal of toxic substances from the internal system is detoxification. A person can wait for days for traces of drugs to clear the bloodstream automatically or resort to external means such as using detox beverages to detoxify the body. You can keep your faith in detox drinks to cleanse THC out of your system if there is a urine drug test at work in a few days.

Ultimate Reason to Use THC Detox Beverages

Honestly, it’s hard to find anyone who will want to lose their source of livelihood or tarnish their reputation. Therefore, those employed persons who cannot stay away from their herb smoking habits resort to using highly potent same-day detox drinks. Drug tests that most employers conduct can easily detect THC metabolites even if one consumes cannabis a few days or weeks ago.

Urine drug screening can also accurately identify several other unwanted substances such as amphetamines, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, nicotine, methadone and alcohol. To save your job and image, you have to ensure that a urine test cannot detect any traces of marijuana or other illegal drugs. Hence, there is no other better alternative to consuming quality detox drinks, which help get rid of THC and toxins from the body effectively.

It is paramount to buy detox drinks from a reputable manufacturer and start using them once your employer informs you about an upcoming urine drug testing. Detoxifying your internal system in advance will help you pass a drug test at the workplace successfully. You won’t test positive for drugs if there aren’t any remnants of the same in your body. You need not worry about a drug test report at all if you use detox drinks regularly, which eliminate THC from the body.

How Do Cannabis Detox Drinks Work?

You should acquire comprehensive knowledge of how detox drinks work before you use them. If you consume premium detox beverages correctly following the guidelines, a urine drug screen won’t be able to detect any presence of THC in your system.

However, several detox drinks have certain extra effects that could lead you to a significant problem. These drinks alter the appearance and color of urine to a bit extent. And, this is what, on most occasions, creates doubt in the professionals’ minds who check urine samples.

A same-day cannabis detox beverage can quickly bring down the level of THC due to its diuretic properties. Such a detox drink will compel you to urinate frequently, and this cleanses the kidneys. The density of your urine will lower if you drink one such beverage, and this might enable your employer to understand your intention to cheat the drug test.

 Also, many detox drinks change the creatinine quantity in the urine. Expert testers won’t take any time to detect the modification of the level of creatinine once you undergo a urine drug screen. They will instantly become aware of your attempt to beat the urine test.  

Your company will either no more provide you with employment benefits or straightaway fire you. One such thing may happen if urine sample testers detect any abnormal changes in the physical and chemical properties of your urine sample and report the same to your employer.

How Long Does It Take to Eliminate THC from the Body?

To put it simply, most smokers experience the strong psychoactive effects of cannabis for hardly two hours. However, THC metabolites stay in the internal system for an extended period. How long THC stays in your body is mainly dependent on your weed smoking frequency.

If there’s a drug test at work in a month’s time, you can do any of the two things – stay away from drugs consumption or use premium detox drinks. To get rid of traces of cannabis from your body within a few weeks so that you can undergo a urine drug screen without any stress, rely on detox beverages.

How Can Daily Exercise Help You Flush THC Out of the Internal System?

Aside from vigorous exercise, if you practice yoga daily, you will sweat out a considerable amount of toxins from your body effectively. When one exercises on a regular basis, they force the THC metabolites in the system to release from the adipose tissue.

Make sure that you drink premium-quality detox beverages if you are a regular marijuana smoker, cocaine user or drinker. Have these drinks and exercise daily for at least an hour if you want to expedite the detox process, get rid of THC and toxins, and pass a urine drug test successfully.

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