After an exhausting week at work, it’s only natural to want to treat yourself come Saturday and Sunday. But if you’re anything like us to Spend Your Weekend, you might find you spend a disproportionate amount of money at the weekend, when splashing out on little indulgences can soon add up to one sizable bill.

If that sounds familiar, the good news is that you can save a significant amount of money just by making small changes to your weekend routine. The following tips are sure to help you cut back on your expenditure without sacrificing on entertainment, so you can enjoy your time off without breaking the bank.

Host a brunch

Have you ever noticed that the majority of the money you spend goes on food and drink? That’s certainly our findings. By hosting brunch at your house or apartment, you can still enjoy socializing with your friends without the hefty price tag. You can even lighten the load on yourself as host by asking each person to bring one thing with them for sharing, resulting in a potluck tapas-style get-together that’s as budget-friendly as it is agreeable.

Explore Mother Nature 

One of the most affordable ways to spend your weekend is also one of the most beneficial for both your physical and mental health. Getting out into nature is great exercise and can help to clear your head, as well as relieving the stresses and anxieties that a working week often accrues. Bring a picnic and perhaps even a tent to really save those pennies while ensuring you still have a thoroughly invigorating few days out among the Great Outdoors.

Visit an online casino

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys the flutter of laying a bet at your local casino, you don’t have to forego that excitement to stay on a budget. Instead, why not take advantage of an engaging live casino offering online? With a real-life dealer on hand to make the experience as authentic as possible, you can recreate all the glitz and glamour of a brick-and-mortar establishment in your home. ( Of course, it’s essential that you always gamble responsibly and only ever bet within your means (most sites do offer betting limits and controls which can help with this). Otherwise, the savings you accrue via playing from home will be negated by overspending online, so avoid the latter at all costs.

Have a movie marathon

Calling all movie buffs! If dinner and a night at the cinema sounds like the perfect evening to you, why not relocate the action to your own residence? Not only will the choice of films on offer be far greater, but you’ll spend a fraction of the cost on the experience. You can even line up several different titles and pig out in front of the television for an entire day, which is an especially inviting option if the weather outside your window is none too welcoming.

Run or cycle

Many people like to use their weekends to exercise, which is an excellent way to keep in shape and boost your morale levels. However, signing up to a gym or participating in sports which require expensive equipment can be a massive drain on your finances. This weekend, why not go for a casual run or cycle around your neighborhood instead? There are likely a multitude of exercise groups in your area, which allow you to socialize and exercise all at the same time.

Saving money at the weekend doesn’t having to suck all the fun out of your time off. With these cost-effective suggestions, you can have your cake and eat it.

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