You can have the best gaming devices with high processing power and graphics. But if your internet connection is unreliable, your gaming experience will be severely affected. A faster internet connection will allow you to have a lag-free experience, allow you to react on time, and beat your opponents.

Whether you are gaming online on Sloto Cash casino on your smartphone or using a gaming console, you need a good connection to enjoy your experience. You may not afford to upgrade your subscription with your ISP for higher internet speed, but you can improve your current connection.

  1. Consider Using an Ethernet Cable

Ethernet connection is faster than Wi-Fi, and using an ethernet cable on your PC could give you better performance.

The advantage of using this connection is it allows your device to receive and send data instantly, meaning you will experience minimal loss of speed. You will receive consistent speed throughout your gaming.

Radio waves characteristic of Wi-Fi connections can be absorbed by metal and thick walls, hence losing transmission speed. Ethernet connections hard-wire the users to the internet eliminating transition holdups and offering better speeds.

Compared to Wi-Fi, ethernet provides better latency.

  1. Manage Your Bandwidth

Managing your bandwidth will allow you to continue enjoying consistent speeds when gaming. One of the ways to maximize your bandwidth is to turn off automatic backup. While backups are important, some can be internet-intensive and slow down your speed.

Because you still need to do backup, scheduling them when you are not gaming can help you enjoy better speeds.

The number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network determines your bandwidth quality. Security cameras, smartphones, smart home devices, laptops, or DVR use bandwidth. Reducing the number of devices connected to your network can help maximize bandwidth.

Disable applications and devices you are not using to improve the bandwidth.

  1. Change Your Router’s Position

The router’s location affects Wi-Fi performance. If you are doing PC gaming, the best place to place your router is just next to your station.

Routers also transmit in all directions, and placing them centrally will allow good connectivity at any point in the room.

Avoid walls as they absorb the signals reducing the quality of your connection. Place in a location where there will be no signal obstruction. Walls, fish tanks, and mirrors are also not good for your bandwidth.

Placing your router next to them could affect your connection’s stability. The tanks affect the signal path while mirrors can reflect and distort the signals leading to poor performance.

Placing a router on the floor is also not recommended as it distorts the signals, so it is best to elevate it. Experiment with different locations in your house and identify the ones that give you the best signals.

  1. Connect to the Closest Server when Using VPN

While VPN services allow you to bypass geo-blocking restrictions, you could experience the challenge of poor speeds with them.

If you are using a VPN to access a gaming platform online, ensure you connect to the server closest to your location.

VPNs have thousands of servers in different parts of the world, and your server location will determine the quality of your experience. It affects your security, upload and download speeds, latency, and the selection of content you can access.

A nearby server gives you better speeds as it takes a shorter while for data packs to reach the servers from your device and your device from the servers.

  1. Change Your Wi-Fi Band

Most routers, especially the old ones, work with 2.4 GHz. The band attracts a lot of traffic as most users still have older routers. The traffic can affect your connectivity.

Newer routers support the 5 GHz band. As much as most people don’t use it, it is good because it means fewer connections and better speeds.

  1. Check Your Connection Speeds

You need to know the speeds you are currently getting to compare them with what your ISP promised and check whether it is improving. A speed test will help you know your gaming speeds and establish whether they meet the internet requirements of the game. The most recommended speeds are 20 Mbps and not lower than 10 Mbps.

Suppose you can afford more, the better. If the speed test results are unsatisfactory, consider upgrading to a higher package.

  1. Get a New Router

The lifespan of most electronics is short, including that of your router. The problem could be your router if you are getting an unstable connection despite having the best gadgets and an internet subscription plan.

You need an upgrade if you have used your router for several years. A new router will reduce the delays you are experiencing in speed and offer you better security and management features.

  1. Reset Your Router

Giving your router a reboot may go a long way in improving the connection. All you need to do to reset your router is switch it off for a minute and power it back on. If you are tech-savvy, you could program an automatic reboot.


ISPs may not solve internet speed problems. Taking several proactive measures can help you achieve a better connection and a great gaming experience. Some ways to maximize your connection are using an ethernet cable, repositioning your router, managing your bandwidth, and resetting your router.

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