The Online Cricket Betting ID space is very dynamic and thanks to technology, casino game developing companies have the opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of traditional casino games and create new trends with Virtual Sport Online Casino where you can bet and earn money.

Such a trend is Virtual Sports Betting. At this time, this is only a small portion of the online casino world, but there is no doubt that virtual sports are getting some traction, especially after they are fully legalized in online casinos.

What are Virtual Sports?

 Just as the name suggests, virtual sports are a self-contained simulation of real-world sporting events like a horse race, car race, or football match. Most virtual sports found at online casinos last for a very short period of time (between three and five minutes) which is plenty enough for players to place their bets.

At the end of the simulation, any winning bets you’ve made will be paid, and the next event will begin.

Just like in other online casino games, virtual sports betting is backed up by an RNG (random number generator) that ensures different results each time which eliminates casinos manipulating results and brings the competitiveness to another level.

This is an interesting concept of online gambling that is starting to grow in popularity. In the future, we will hope to see many casinos adopt such practices. 

Best Virtual Sport Games

Virtual Horses

There is nothing more exciting than watching a thrilling horse race and placing a wager on the action. Now, you don’t have to wait for your favorite event like the Kentucky Derby to come since you can bet on virtual horses at any given moment.

The action in this game takes place at the A.C Downs’ Racetrack, and you can access the game through a real online casino app.

In this game, there is a horse race that takes place every 3 minutes. Below the current race screen, you’ll find the next races that you can bet on. There are plenty of betting options to choose from and each horse is highlighted with a number and a name.

Once you selected your bet, all you need to do is wait for the race to start, and enjoy the experience.

Virtual Soccer

Here we have another virtual sports game, which is made based on the most popular sport in the world, soccer. The whole idea of this game is to watch computer-generated soccer matches and bet on the outcome.

Each game takes place at 3-minute intervals. At the end of the match, you’ll only see highlights of each game such as the goals and near misses.

You can bet on every single aspect of the game, just like with real-world soccer betting. Once you’ve placed your bets, it is time to watch the match.

The graphics of the game are pretty decent, as you might expect when playing console games like FIFA or PES. The camera is panning across the pitch following the action, and you can also check out slow-motion replays.

Virtual Cars

If you are a true moto-sport fan, then you really need to try this virtual car racing experience. There is nothing more exciting than visiting a big NASCAR race, and you can do that from the comforts of your home.

Inspired Gaming is the game developer behind this masterpiece, and it features computer-generated NASCAR-style races where people can place bets. The results are backed up by an RNG, and all you need to do is choose your driver, and the type of bet to place. After that, you can enjoy the beautiful race that is very similar to a real-world scenario.

Just like in the other games, races take place every three minutes, which means there is plenty of car racing to fuel your passion for the sport.

Virtual Motorcycles

Virtual Motorcycles is another game developed by Inspired Gaming and it features computer-generated motor raiders that race two laps on a dirt oval. The action is very realistic when it comes to graphics, and the RNG ensures different results every time.

Four riders participate in each race, all painted with different colors in addition to their names just so you can track your bet easier. 

It is a fun game that lets you enjoy motor racing and betting at 3-minute intervals.

Final Thoughts

Here you have it, these are the best virtual sport online casino games that exist right now. There are many others that you can find if you go to popular websites like 1Good.Bet

Opposite to actual sports betting which is more strategy-based, in virtual sports betting it all comes down to luck. So remember to wager responsibly and enjoy all the latest trends of online casinos.

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