Gambling horoscopes seem to be very popular among gamblers in any country regardless of what type of casinos or games these people prefer. Almost any gambler has at least once asked themselves – is today my lucky day to gamble? And gambling horoscopes seem to talk directly about the probabilities of lucky days for every player based on their horoscope sign.

It is hard to believe that gambling horoscopes can give any true or accurate forecasts though and to be honest, the majority of websites that post horoscopes add disclaimers that this content is more for fun and not for a real forecast based on facts. But why are horoscopes popular and do they have any influence at all on the way people gamble? They actually do, and in this post, we will talk about this influence and how horoscopes are made.

Why Do Gamblers Prefer to Rely on Horoscopes?

Belief in horoscopes is interesting in terms of real influence on the way people tend to play for real money. On the one hand, believers also want to believe in the positive forecast and look for “good signs” everywhere to make sure it is their lucky day for a big win. This trend can lead to spending more money on gambling, spending more time on casino platforms, and increasing the risks of compulsive behavior. If such a gambler wins anything on their lucky day, they will chase their luck again on another lucky day and this cycle seems to be endless leading to potential financial issues.

On the other hand, people that tend to believe in lucky days also tend to believe in unlucky days. Therefore, if the player starts gambling for real money and gets loss after loss, they start thinking it is not a good day for gambling and this can act as a protective factor against compulsive gambling and spending too much money on it.

With time, even gamblers that do believe in horoscopes tend to use them as entertainment reading and just to boost their expectation for fun when they sit down to play their favorite games in the evening. But in reality, only a few beginner-level players tend to really rely on horoscope predictions.

How Gambling Horoscope Is Made

There are two ways gambling horoscopes are made. The first way is taking horoscopes out of thin air and offering them as real reliable information. We tend to think that the majority of such content is created this way, or by rewriting the already existing horoscopes.

Another way is using general weekly or monthly horoscopes and checking what are the predictions for lucky days or luck in general, for each sign. These luck forecasts are later developed into specifically gambling horoscopes but they still do not seem to be valid.

The thing with horoscopes is that people of some signs may just have the traits necessary for successful gambling. Some signs are cautious and only choose rock-solid online slots that always pay the winnings out. 

Some signs are easy-going and don’t worry about losses but become really happy about every win, so they feel that their gambling session is successful. Some signs are persistent and may become really good at games of skill such as poker. But it is more about the people than some lucky days. (

Luckily – pun intended! – there are other, more reliable, and science-based ways to increase the chances of winning when playing online casino games for real money, regardless of the horoscope sign.

Other Ways To Increase The Winning Odds

To increase the odds of winning at an online casino, to lose less when gambling, or even to win more, take advantage of the following recommendations

  • Choose online casinos that pay the winnings fast, preferably within 24 hours
  • Choose low-deposit casino sites that allow playing with $1 – $5 on the balance
  • Avoid casino bonuses if you are not sure about the rules
  • Choose slot games over other games if you are an inexperienced gambler
  • Choose slots with an RTP rate higher than 93%
  • Choose slots with lower volatility levels if you have a limited budget
  • Choose jackpots slots over other slot games
  • Always check the games out for free before you bet any own money
  • Play automated Table games for free, too, before you make real money bets
  • Only play Live Dealer games if you are an experienced player

These very simple recommendations will help you lose less money when gambling, and even increase the returns on what you bet on casino games. 


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