Many singles all over the world would love to date a Swedish person: tall, fair, attractive and intelligent Swedes might seem a bit too cold at first but they can be great partners for many years. Everyone is different but most Swedes have lots of amazing features that make them so irresistible. Swedes know and respect personal boundaries, they see personality in everyone and treat everyone equally, they are pretty friendly towards migrants, and they have amazing education because Sweden is a developed and pretty rich country. At the same time, lots of Swedes still prefer to look for partners online: many local people are pretty shy in real life, so online dating allows them to feel more relaxed, confident and open while approaching someone they like and starting a conversation. Many people from other countries would like to find some Swedish dating sites for free to start dating a Swede but it’s not an easy task: most Swedes prefer paid services over free ones. But why?

As it was mentioned before, Sweden is a pretty rich country, so lots of Swedes have great jobs and high salaries. Though Swedish people don’t show off with their money, they value high-quality things and services and always know when it’s better to pay more to have long-lasting and satisfying things. The same goes with Swedish dating sites that work for free: Swedes simply don’t trust them enough to choose them over the paid ones. If you’re a person who has a nice job and a good salary, then you often think that you can afford to pay some money to use a service that can actually help you to find love. It doesn’t mean that all free services are bad though – they often just offer fewer functions and interesting features than the paid ones because it’s too expensive to provide these services for free users.

Another reason why Swedes prefer paid services is the users you can see online. Paid services tend to attract people with more serious intentions and stable financial situations too. Users who know they can afford to pay for a dating platform treat online dating more seriously, so they won’t waste their and other users’ time because they’re headed for success. Swedish dating sites working for free often attract people who aren’t even looking for dating or relationships: some users are just bored, so they create accounts and never visit these websites again. No one wants to have no replies because the majority of users are just not active anymore, so that’s why paid services are more effective.

If you don’t want to pay through the nose, then you can find a service that allows you to use some of its functions for free or has a trial period that can get you acquainted with its main features. Though a service like that can’t be called a free Swedish dating site, it’s fair and balanced and suits most people. There are some of the most popular platforms that provide some free functions but require your payment to demonstrate more:

  • is not exactly a free Swedish dating site but it’s one of the most popular dating services in the world, so it’s worth your attention. The platform is dedicated to smart match-making that can help you to meet mentally and spiritually suitable partners with similar goals and interests. The service is mostly dedicated to dating and relationships rather than hookups and it’s available in many countries of the world;
  • EliteSingles is another dating service that is popular among Swedes because it’s made for accomplished people with high standards. The service has lots of users with great educations, careers, and specialists looking for stable relationships with suitable partners. The service is also in English, so it won’t be hard for you to communicate with Swedes (and most Swedes know English perfectly);
  • Swedes use Tinder too! Though this service’s work depends on your location a lot, it can help you to meet attractive and single Swedes when you’re travelling the country. This app is usually seen as a hookup service for young people but nowadays it’s used by everyone for everything, so your chances to meet real love there are pretty high – just swipe left or right; Badoo is a time-tested service that is available in many countries including Sweden. The service is useful not only for finding partners but also for friends and potential spouses, so lots of singles over 30 use it. Though it may seem a bit dated, it’s still pretty functional and has many active unique visitors per month;
  • If you prefer math and facts over the subtle art of finding potential partners on your own, then OkCupid is a great choice for you. This service has been developed by Harward students who use math for making perfectly calculated matches. People who want to control every detail of their lives and rely on Math a lot can use the site to see how the local algorithms work. The service is also pretty popular, so your perfect Swedish match can be waiting for you somewhere on the website;
  • is a reliable and time-tested service dedicated to dating and relationships for everyone. It has no boundaries, so people of all countries, genders and orientations can use it but the searching algorithms make it easier for everyone to meet singles who suit them perfectly. You don’t have to move to Sweden to meet Swedish singles: just answer some questions about your preferences and let the service do the work. Your personal information will be secure, and you’ll be safe from unwanted attention because you can only chat with people who like you back. Create an account there to start Swedisn dating!

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