Crypto online casinos are rapidly growing in popularity. However, Bitcoin Casino is the most popular term around, which discards the notion that there can be other cryptocurrencies. If you’re looking for the ones that support ETH, this guide will help you understand many things about them. You will learn how to find and authenticate these platforms.

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The requirement is simple. There are average gambling hubs, and then there are the best options available. This guide can help you with the expertise and thorough research to help you find the top Ethereum casinos. Let’s take a look:

Points To Keep In Mind

There are several misconceptions about finding the best Ethereum casino. Here are some factors for you to consider:

  • A well-versed platform will allow you to make deposits and withdrawals in Ethereum.
  • It should support the Cryptocurrency wallet that you use for the transitions.
  • There shouldn’t be excessive handling fees or transaction charges. It should be minimum.
  • Low wagering requirements for bonuses would be ideal (around 35x to 50x).
  • The website should support the crypto games or direct wager via crypto. Alternatively, it can provide a similar conversion system to convert Ethereum to your selected currency for ease.

While it is not relevant to the ETH directly, it would be preferable if you have a highly compatible website—for instance, an online casino for smartphones makes playing games easier for you.

Similarly, you should consider the typical online casino requirements like license, certifications, RTP, game collection, and security.

Apart from that, here are some other points for you to clarify:

Not All Crypto Casinos Support Ethereum 

Remember to distinguish between crypto and a bitcoin casino. A bitcoin casino primarily supports bitcoin. But, there’s a possibility that it would also have other options. Meanwhile, a crypto casino entails that there will be Bitcoin, but also other popular options like Ethereum and Litecoin.

The Safety Highlights

The best aspect of an Ethereum casino is security. Ethereum allows an enterprise to utilize and incorporate blockchain technology. So, if any gambling website supports Ethereum, it has the highest level of protection available.

Ensure that these websites and their parent company have licence or registration with Curacao and Malta Gaming Authority. They are responsible for such certifications.

It will be ideal to also go through a couple of reviews and conduct your diligent research.

Guide To Play On Ethereum  Casino

Almost every casino will ask you to sign up. But there are plenty of demo options available, as well. If you want to use real money or Ethereum, you will have to sign up. After that, you can even redeem bonuses. Some crypto casinos even offer cryptocurrency bonuses. Next, make sure that you have the crypto wallet that contains and supports Ethereum. That’s all! You’re all set to play.

  • The Signup Process

First, you will have to go through the signup process. It is straightforward. Most websites will have a Signup or Registration button. Click on it.

Next, provide your email address and password. Some will ask you to select a country and currency. Go through with it.

Next, you will have to verify the email by logging into it and clicking the verification link. You will then become a registered player with the casino.

  • Document Verifications

Almost every online casino, including those that support Ethereum, requires you to provide valid identification. It can be a Government ID, Driving Licence, Electricity Bill, among other things.

You will have to verify to qualify for making deposits and withdrawals. In most platforms, you won’t get to withdraw until you provide the verification but could make a deposit. So, keep these factors in mind.

  • Make The Deposit

Next, use the Ethereum payment gateway. In some cases, you might have to link the Ethereum wallet. But the casino shouldn’t save the information. Once you provide the deposit, it should reflect anywhere within seconds to minutes. After that, you’re ready to play.

Once you finish these three processes, the rest will depend on the platform. You will have to check the individual bonus claiming options if you’re looking for those.

Ethereum  Casino Online Bonus

The bonuses will depend on the T&C of the website and its mechanism. Yes, most crypto casinos will reward you in the same currency you deposit. Some offers are strictly for Bitcoins, while others might be more in the monetary values.

These bonuses also follow the standard wager requirement limits. So, if you want to claim them, you will have to fulfil them.

Some casinos often also provide equal trades in other coins. For example, you might deposit in Ethereum but receive in Bitcoin, or vice-versa. For all these, you will have to read the terms and conditions, among other things.

Bitcoin Vs Ethereum  Casino – Key Differences

There aren’t any notable differences between these casinos. The only known differences are:

  • Almost every known bitcoin and crypto casino will support BTC. However, not all online options support Ethereum.
  • A Bitcoin casino could be exclusive to the use of BTC. No other crypto would work.

Often, Bitcoin casinos have BTC as a reward, wager, and payment option.

If you consider the difference between BTC and Ethereum, it’s simple. Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, Ethereum can be used to implement blockchain in any system. Blockchain is the backbone of all cryptocurrencies. It has also become a significant security aspect. So, the ones that have Ethereum would most likely have blockchain security. Meanwhile, A bitcoin casino might not necessarily have that, but just the SSL encryption. So, that’s worth the consideration.

The Bottom Line

Finding the best Ethereum casinos won’t be an easy task. There are many unpredictable factors. However, if you know how to find an excellent online casino, you wouldn’t have a hard time finding the one that supports the ETH. With that in mind, go ahead and have fun.

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