Visiting your favourite casino has never been easier – in large part, thanks to the global connectivity and mobile devices.- Types of Casino Games

Technology has created an entirely new dimension to the timeless fascination with games of chance. If you have just started dabbling into the casino scene, you need to learn the different kinds of casino games that operators present.

Staples in the Online Gambling Catalog

Online operators tailor the game palette to meet various player interests. Typically, online casinos canada players can enter, feature three distinct categories of games: slots, tables, and specialty games. Saying that one type is better than another would be misleading because the final choice depends on personal preferences, and our goal is to help you make the correct decision. 

It’s time for our in-depth analysis of the enticing galaxy of casino games.

Slots Lead the Way

The mainstay of any online gambling website is slots; they draw in most players that can’t get enough of the practically endless versions that explore different themes and offer solid winning percentages. The concept gets borrowed from physical slot machines encountered in brick-and-mortar casinos, but with a digital twist.

Players make a bet and spin the reels, hoping the appropriate symbols line up in the correct order for a big payday. The fair play principle is honored with the random numbers generator that every licensed operator must incorporate in their titles and whose purpose is to provide random outcomes.

An important consideration is the fact that online slots differ not just in the number of reels and graphics but in the RTP as well – one of the first numbers veteran players try to spot. The Return To Player indicates how much cash a gambler can expect to get back from the slot after playing for a prolonged period. It usually falls between 95% and 98% – the higher the number, the bigger the return on investment.

The straightforward approach of playing that doesn’t require particular skills is the reason why slots are the most sought-after type of casino game.

Table Games with a Digital Twist- Types of Casino Games

Unlike the chance-based approach of slots, table games test one’s skill, something that’s a prerequisite when playing any form of card game. As a result, virtual operators strive to present the entire set of tables. 

In recent years live dealers have been integrated into most platforms, making the whole experience more realistic, although digital versions are also fun. Every game is specific, so let’s make a detailed breakdown.

Video Poker

There is a school of thought that claims video poker most closely resembles the real casino experience. The standard five-card rule applies with victory going to the best hand. Yet, there are variations on the concept, and several versions are available. The downside is that bonuses are rarely applied to video poker titles in most casinos, although there are expectations.


The spy James Bond loves to relax at the baccarat table after he has saved the world. If it works for him, maybe you should check it out. High rollers prefer baccarat, which also requires the deployment of strategies. Playing begins with a simple step; the player places a wager and activates the deal button.  The hard part comes afterward, when every next decision gets prescribed by certain indicated rules.  Players like it because of the perception that it’s more advantageous to gamblers. 


The most referenced card game in movies, blackjack, is the perfect gambling duel when a player faces off with a dealer, aiming to reach 21. In an only casino, it’s impossible to attempt to read the dealer for bluffing signs; after all, it’s a bot you are playing against, but it still makes for a thrilling experience. Blackjack is simple to master, and the house edge is one of the smallest compared to other games.


There’s something mesmerizing about the red and black pattern on the Roulette wheel.  The concept is standard, although some providers package it differently for a more diversified experience on the online casino scene. However, at its core, is a pure game of chances – spin the wheel and hope the random numbers generator is feeling generous. It’s present in most casinos and winning percentages are pretty decent.

Lotteries Rebranded as Specialty Games

When you need a break from slots or card games, the specialty section can be a solid stopover place – if you are in the mood for lotteries. Some casinos don’t feature these casino games, so make sure to check if bingo and keno are available at the casino of your choice.


Most casinos offer keno, a lottery that lets you select a set of 10 to 20 numbers, from zero to 80, place the wager, and hold your breath while the software makes its moves. If the selected numbers pop up, you’re in luck. Unfortunately, the reward ratio in this type of game leans in the house’s favor, as they say it’s a lottery.


Despite having a reputation as a choice for retirees, bingo is a game that every generation can enjoy on the online gambling scene. When indulging in online bingo, the tickets get generated by the software. It’s up to you to match the patterns and hope that five called numbers fit your ticket pattern scheme.  Don’t get carried away and forage to mark the bingo moment in the online casino – yelling bingo will not do the trick. It is simple to learn and incorporates a degree of interactivity, making for pleasant online gambling. 

Final Thoughts

Discovering the full spectrum of online casino games is a prerequisite for a complete gambling adventure. The online gambling scene attempts to cater to every interest, so finding the perfect match for your preferences is not hard, especially if you use our guide to different types of casino games. Strive to find the perfect balance between winning ratios and excitement levels at the slots or table games and hop on the fun train.

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