Most everyone is familiar with a funfair or fairground – just one whiff of popcorn or one look at a famous ride such as a carousel or Ferris wheel will already take you back to a time when you were still young and carefree, and your biggest problem was how to ask out someone you liked! Kidding aside, a fairground or funfair remains one of the most fantastic themes you could ever have, and there’s nothing quite like the thrill of being on a ride or trying out the side stalls for the first time, hoping that you could hit the target and take home a prize! ( But speaking of side stalls, there are some particular favourites of the young and the old, and they bring on a sense of nostalgia for the adults and make the young ones want to try them out for themselves. So which side stalls should you choose for your event? ( Here are the five most popular side stalls you can hire at your event. 

  1. Coconut shy side stall

It is the quintessential side stall seen at numerous fairgrounds, and even though the concept behind it is simple, it still draws in the crowd, as fairground stall hire experts like We Are Tricycle know all too well. Since the 1800s, it’s enthralled many a funfair-goer, and the idea is that you will get three chances to hit the target (a coconut, of course) with bean bags. In some cases, the coconuts are replaced with brightly-coloured balls, but the game’s objective is the same. The targets are set at different heights, so the participants have a definite challenge – with the winner taking home a big prize. 

2. Tin can alley side stall

The second one on the list is also exceedingly popular, and even though the game is slightly different today (the rifles in the 70s have mostly been replaced by bean bags), players still try to throw the bean bags at towers of tin cans to knock them over. Each player will be armed with five bean bags, and they can do their best to knock the cans over. Anyone who knocks down all five cans will receive a prize. 

3. Hook a duck side stall 

The third one is also pretty popular, and for good reason. The hook a duck side stall has existed for ages, and what was traditionally ducks in a water trough has been replaced with ducks lined up on a shelf, and players are given a long pole with which to hook them. It is more challenging because the poles are long, making it difficult to hook them, and the first one with three ducks is the winner. 

4. Hoopla side stall

The hoopla side stall is also up there with the best of them, and its objective is simple – but don’t be fooled! It takes a certain amount of finesse and skill to shoot one of the rings through the hoop and into a bottle, and the bottles are of different sizes and shapes to make it even more of a challenge. 

5. Target-based side stall 

The fifth most recognised side stall is the target-based side stall, and players who master the crossbow can hit a target or two. It’s an incredibly tricky game – even the adults have a difficult time at it – but this is why it’s so rewarding if you manage to hit your target. 



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