Horse racing has always been a sport that has captivated people around the world. One of the most prestigious achievements in horse racing is the Triple Crown, which is awarded to a three-year-old Thoroughbred that wins the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes in the same year. Throughout history, only 13 horses have achieved this remarkable feat, and their names have become synonymous with greatness in the world of horse racing.

As an expert in horse racing, I am excited to present this article for the betting public who are interested in online betting sports Here, we will take an in-depth look at each of the 13 Triple Crown winners and provide historical facts about their remarkable feats.

Triple Crown Winners Table:

Here is a table of all the Triple Crown winners in history, along with the year they won and their jockey and trainer:

Horse Year Jockey Trainer
Sir Barton 1919 Johnny Loftus H. Guy Bedwell
Gallant Fox 1930 Earl Sande Jim Fitzsimmons
Omaha 1935 Willie Saunders Jim Fitzsimmons
War Admiral 1937 Charles Kurtsinger George Conway
Whirlaway 1941 Eddie Arcaro Ben A. Jones
Count Fleet 1943 Johnny Longden Don Cameron
Assault 1946 Warren Mehrtens Max Hirsch
Citation 1948 Eddie Arcaro Horace A. Jones
Secretariat 1973 Ron Turcotte Lucien Laurin
Seattle Slew 1977 Jean Cruguet William H. Turner Jr.
Affirmed 1978 Steve Cauthen Lazaro S. Barrera
American Pharoah 2015 Victor Espinoza Bob Baffert
Justify 2018 Mike Smith Bob Baffert

Long Explanation of Each Triple Crown Winner:

Sir Barton (1919)

  1. Sir Barton was the first horse to win the Triple Crown, though the term was not yet in use. He won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes in 1919, and his jockey, Johnny Loftus, was later inducted into the Racing Hall of Fame.

Gallant Fox (1930)

2. Gallant Fox was the second horse to win the Triple Crown and is the only horse to have sired another Triple Crown winner, Omaha. His trainer, Jim Fitzsimmons, also trained Omaha and won the Triple Crown with both horses.

Omaha (1935)

3. Omaha was the third horse to win the Triple Crown, and his win was particularly impressive because he defeated the previous year’s winner, War Admiral, in the Belmont Stakes.

War Admiral (1937)

4. War Admiral was the fourth horse to win the Triple Crown and was known for his fierce competitiveness. He won the Preakness Stakes by a record margin of 8 lengths.

Whirlaway (1941)

5. Whirlaway was the fifth horse to win the Triple Crown and was known for his unusual running style. He would run with his head turned to one side, which earned him the nickname “Mr. Longtail.”

Count Fleet (1943)

6. Count Fleet was the sixth horse to win the Triple Crown and won the Kentucky Derby by a record.

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