Boku is a platform for mobile payments on the Internet, and its main office is in San Francisco. The company was originally founded in Derbyshire, England, in 2003. At that time, the company was called Vidicon. Over the following years, thanks to several investors, Vidicom grew to a size that made it interesting for the American market.

In 2009, the American version of Vidicom was logically created under Boku Inc. This began a global success story, which reached its peak in 2017 with its IPO and an estimated value of £125 million. In the same year, Boku broke the one-billion-dollar mark in sales for the first time. To improve its position, Boku bought several other companies, including its biggest competitor from Germany: Mopay. Some will still remember, but today Mopay has disappeared from the public eye. 

Today, Boku works with 173 carriers in over 50 countries. Boku is most commonly used for online casino mit boku bezahlen. This method also benefits traders because it allows them to cover a much larger market. Those who choose Boku for online entertainment know the company works with companies like Google Play, PlayStation, Windows, Facebook, and Spotify.

Why to choose Boku in an online casino?

Boku has made a name for itself among the means of payment above all because you don’t have to provide any information other than your telephone number to use it. Neither account numbers nor personal data are required. If a transaction is instructed, it is verified by the client – i.e., us – and by the telephone provider. This gives the user an additional level of security.

How Boku works in the online casino?

Several parties need to work together for a money transfer to or from an online casino: you, the casino, Boku itself, and your phone provider. This lends you the money and gets it back at the end of the month by either writing it to your phone bill or deducting it directly from the balance.

  1. You must first ensure that the online casino you choose offers Boku as a payment option. Only if this is the case should you register. Pay attention to whether the choice of payment option has to do with the amount or scope of the bonus program.
  2. Once that’s done, and the registration process is complete, go to the checkout and look for Boku as a payment option. If Boku does not appear there, you are probably only one step away and must first choose between eWallet, credit card, and “Pay by Phone.” Select Pay by Phone, and you will reach the correct screen.
  3. You need to save and activate your phone number if it’s your first time using Boku at this casino. Once complete, wager the amount you wish to deposit into your online casino account. Add your phone number and transfer the amount. You will now receive an SMS for your authentication,
  4. The last step is confirmation. Simply send the SMS back to authenticate the transfer. The amount will be visible on your online account within minutes and later be charged to your phone bill.

The Conclusion:

As mentioned above, there are online casinos that exclude Boku users from the welcome program, but not all of them do. And it is always a good idea to look at the terms and conditions before registering at an online casino.

However, Boku is generally easy to use and straightforward, so it’s great if you play a game of blackjack, roulette, or video poker now and then for relatively little money and want to keep it low. With a daily limit of £30, Boku is like insurance against tilt and betting too high. And that is – just like all transfers with Boku – free of charge.

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